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Integrate your business across the supply chain
Businesses require agile, evolving ecosystems that demand swift and efficient integration. Many opt for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to:
Yet, implementation and management pose challenges due to cost and complexity. To expedite value and trim costs, a trusted partner is crucial. At Trigent, we provide 24×7 cloud-based, fully managed EDI services covering onboarding, coordination, translation, mapping, and incident resolution. Our integrated, adaptable services facilitate seamless collaboration with any trading partner, elevating connectivity and performance across industries such as transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, retail, and more.

Connect, Collaborate and Transform your Business-to-Business Exchanges.

Service Offerings

EDI Consulting

Whether you’re new to EDI or seeking to transition from an existing solution, we offer assistance. Our consulting services encompass strategic assessment, system evaluation, ongoing solution management, and configuration adjustments.

EDI Integration

We identify efficiency improvement opportunities, guide your team in adopting tailored best practices, and offer integration services such as business software installations, system upgrades, customization, and backend integration for legacy systems and back-office solutions. Our services align with ANSI X12 standards, utilizing secure and encrypted communication protocols like Applicability Statement 2 (AS2), EDI Value Added Network (VAN), and more for trading partner onboarding and data transactions.

EDI Hub Development

This involves developing and implementing the framework, monitoring processes, enabling file transactions through REST API calls, and building API capabilities, including functionality and mapping interfaces.

EDI Maintenance and Support

Our enterprise IT system integration services guarantee ongoing availability, scalability, and reliability. Covering the full business and IT landscape, we seamlessly connect diverse systems for consistent performance and support. We offer 24×7 L1 and L2 support, handle version upgrades and application migration, and provide production services. Additionally, we deliver document services, custom development, and develop error detection tools.

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Our EDI Expertise

We have extensive knowledge of these EDI message types:

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