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AWS Implementation & Integration

Achieve Enhanced Agility and Performance Through a Robust Cloud Setup
Software companies and Enterprises are spoilt for choice with AWS Cloud solutions and alternatives for every facet of their business. Selecting the option that is best suited for their present needs and flexible for their future growth from the choices available, while balancing performance, scale, security, and cost, requires specialists who combine domain and tech expertise.

Take complete command of your AWS Cloud with Trigent’s 29 years of experience in understanding the subtleties of various cloud technologies. We provide a nuanced perspective that brings clarity to your tech choices. We specialize in optimizing compute, memory, and storage configurations to precisely meet performance and cost demands. Whether it is a Private or Public Cloud, Hybrid – Multi or Poly Cloud, Industry Clouds, specialized solutions for Data Engineering, AI and Machine Learning, or a blend of Cloud and On-Prem Architectures, we can help!

Transform your AWS landscape with Trigent!

Service Offerings

AWS Cloud Consulting: Navigate Complexity with Clarity

Businesses grapple with the intricate landscape of cloud complexities. We help transform these challenges into strategic advantages. Through detailed assessments, we decode the nuances of cloud technologies, providing reusable solution frameworks for seamless integration and precision in navigating the complexities of the AWS cloud environment.

AWS Cloud Application Development

Engage in transformative AWS Cloud Application Development with our comprehensive suite of services tailored for optimal business outcomes. From conceptualization to deployment, our expert team ensures the construction of scalable, secure, and cutting-edge cloud applications that align seamlessly with the AWS ecosystem. Build Cloud Native Applications, take advantage of Serverless architectures, expedite development with Containers and embed security with Zero-Trust models. Elevate your business with our AWS Cloud Application Development services that employ the latest tools to balance performance and costs, and ensure a robust security architecture.

Cloud Assessment and Optimization

Optimize your cloud infrastructure with precision through our Cloud Assessment and Optimization services. Our team of certified AWS Well-Architected experts employs advanced tools to conduct a detailed analysis. We delve into performance metrics, scrutinize security configurations, and assess resource allocation and information flows. Utilizing AWS-specific technologies, we identify and rectify inefficiencies, adjust compute and storage instances, and implement auto-scaling components while ensuring performance and security. to fine-tune your cloud environment, addressing specific pain points and laying the groundwork for future scalability and innovative product development.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure Management

Gain control of your AWS Cloud Infrastructure with our experienced team of Cloud professionals. With in-depth knowledge of AWS services, we orchestrate your infrastructure’s entire lifecycle. From VPC configurations to security group implementations, we meticulously handle networking aspects. Employing AWS CloudFormation and Automation Tools, we automate deployment processes, ensuring consistency and reliability. Continuous monitoring using CloudWatch guarantees proactive issue resolution, and optimization strategies, including reserved instances and spot instances, drive cost-effectiveness. Entrust us with your AWS infrastructure, and benefit from a technically sound approach that aligns your cloud resources with your business objectives, promoting efficiency and reliability.

Cloud Security: Assurance Amidst Vulnerability

We understand the challenges posed by multiple cloud instances and dealing with data from multiple sources and channels. Our commitment is to provide robust security measures, allowing businesses like yours to scale and achieve operational excellence without compromising on safety.

Case Studies


The Trigent Software team forms the backbone of the GPS-tracking company as its primary development provider. Their communication is strong, and they provide excellent value for the client’s money. Customers can expect an excellent long-term partner with a strong sense of integrity.
– Doug Oppenheimer – COO, HD Fleet

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