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Microsoft Azure Solutions and Services

Bespoke solutions for growth enterprises with reliable Cloud technologies for added competitive advantage
Trigent’s transformation services combine Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and RPA solutions to empower businesses with reliable cloud technologies, leading to enhanced scalability, productivity, and customer-centricity. Our Microsoft Gold Partner-certified services, Salesforce capabilities, and RPA solutions ensure enterprise-wide agility, unlocking value through custom apps and Big Data intelligence.
Trigent effortlessly moved our business-critical workload to Microsoft Azure, significantly improving application performance and business agility.
– A real estate investment trust (REIT) headquartered in N.Y.

Build scalable, reliable, and agile solutions for your organization with Trigent

Our Offerings

Microsoft Implementation Services

Accelerate your business with our Microsoft Implementation Services. From enterprises to disruptors, we offer tailored solutions with security, flexibility, and reliability. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we provide innovative technology that drives productivity and revenue.

Azure Cloud + DevOps Cloud

Cloud solutions offer substantial benefits when tailored to unique business needs. Our Azure-certified experts assess your requirements, design the ideal cloud architecture, migrate applications and data, and modernize legacy apps, optimizing cloud resources for budget-aligned high availability through Managed Cloud Services.

User ID and Access Management Services

BYOD and hybrid work require secure access to Enterprise IT. Microsoft IAM validates users, regulates access, and manages credentials, policies, and system access, integrating with various platforms via Azure AD for comprehensive security.

Device Management Services

As new devices like smartwatches and IoT emerge, securing data becomes complex. We help you implement Microsoft Intune and Windows Autopilot to manage various devices and OS securely, automating deployment, policies, app delivery, and updates. You can create role-based device configurations and handle actions like resets and retirements.

Cloud Native Applications Development Services

Cloud tech offers agility for growth companies and software firms to innovate rapidly, scaling apps for market share. Serverless, Containers, Microservices, and Cloud DevOps are key for a competitive edge.

Our Azure experts create cloud-native apps and hybrid architectures, blending on-premises, data centers, and private and public clouds as needed.

Cloud Migration Services

Migrating existing apps to the Cloud and maintaining continuity and data integrity requires workload assessment, selecting the right Cloud architecture, and crafting a secure transition plan tailored to your needs.

Based on your unique business and IT requirements, we use the following approaches:

Business Workflow Automation Services

Enterprises use workflows for consistent customer interactions, but technology can automate manual tasks. Business Process Automation ensures 24×7 operations, error-free results, and faster response times and frees skilled resources for complex problem-solving. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) creates a digital workforce for routine tasks with immediate cost benefits.

Microsoft Technology Expertise

Harness our Microsoft Technology Expertise. Our MS Certified Experts offer unique customer-centered solutions, guiding you to select and design the perfect architecture for your business. Let us help you make informed choices and achieve your digital goals.

Azure Cloud + DevOps

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing Platform offers 200+ cloud services for app development, data storage, and secure access. It supports various languages and platforms, with Azure DevOps simplifying software development through an integrated CI/CD pipeline.

Azure Active Directory

Active Directory simplifies network object management and access. It uses a structured data store for organizing shared resources like servers, printers, and user/computer accounts in a logical hierarchy.

.Net Framework, Kubernetes, AKS, Xamarin tech stack

With .NET Framework, build custom business applications across cloud, browser, IoT, mobile, and desktop environments with Visual Studio. The integrated development environment (IDE) enables all to use the same .NET libraries, SDK, and runtime. Build native desktop and mobile apps with C# and XAML using the .NET cross-platform framework Multi-platform App UI (MAUI).

Power Apps

Use Trigent expertise and Power Apps suite services, connectors, and data platforms to quickly build custom business apps. Its responsive design enables it to run seamlessly in a browser and on mobile devices. Implement complex business rules, set up workflows, and transform your business operations into a fluid digital experience.

Microsoft Solutions & Use Cases

In the fast-paced, competitive environment, businesses require technical solutions that provide reliable and sustainable performance. We offer a complete range of solutions that includes advisory, customization, support, and compliance with regulations that apply to your business.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) with Power Automate

Enterprises often use standalone applications tailored to their unique needs. Integrating these apps brings valuable advantages. EAI, or Enterprise Application Integration, connects databases and workflows. With Power Automate, apps like ERP, CRM, and e-commerce are seamlessly synchronized. EAI focuses on process-driven data exchange across the company, bridging front-to-back offices and various locations.

Integrate orders from the WordPress website into Microsoft Power Apps

Power Automate offers 400+ connectors to Microsoft services like SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Outlook, as well as external ones like Adobe Sign, Asana, Dropbox, and Stripe. Users can seamlessly integrate various services. For instance, inquiries from a WordPress site flow into backend apps like Dynamics 365, Salesforce, or CRM, streamlining processing.

Provisioning an AAD (Azure Active Directory) User and Automating Inventory/Status Reporting Use Case with Microsoft Power Automate

Enterprise workflows often involve collecting data from various apps, updating an Excel worksheet, and emailing it to specific users regularly. Microsoft Power Automate handles this with Excel Online (Business) for simple cases and Microsoft Graph for complex, large datasets.
These workflows schedule emails of the Excel sheet to users or distribution lists at specific times or triggered events. They’re valuable for sharing data with users without direct access to core apps.

Migration to Microsoft Azure DevOps Services

Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server replace Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). Azure DevOps Services is cloud-based, while Azure DevOps Server is on-premises.

Migrating to Azure DevOps Services ensures access to the latest features without downtime. Microsoft handles maintenance, updates, backups, and security, eliminating the need for infrastructure management and ensuring secure access.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) with Power Automate

Enterprises often use various standalone apps. Integration via Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) offers significant benefits by connecting databases and workflows. Power Automate synchronizes ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms, facilitating data exchange across the organization.


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