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Virtual Command Center Services

Enhance business performance with Trigent’s 24×7 proactive IT Infrastructure Management Solution
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/ Virtual Command Center Services

Empower your business with Trigent’s Virtual Command Center (VCC) solution for proactive 24×7 IT infrastructure management. Ensure high availability and performance, allowing seamless access to critical systems anywhere. Our intelligent monitoring triggers automated ticketing, reducing support workload. Benefit from innovative pricing based on supported desktops and servers, optimizing operational costs.

Our Offerings

IT managers face challenges in supporting globalized businesses, decentralized workforces, cloud-based mobility management, diverse applications and devices, network troubleshooting, ticket management, and shorter SLA timeframes.

Built to supercharge your IT infrastructure

Automated and proactive monitoring of IT infrastructure. Ensure business continuity at affordable pay-per-use pricing

Flexible VCC plans for your IT needs

Our services offer the flexibility to meet your needs and your budget. If not 24×7, we provide support for weekends and after-hours. Add-ons enable you to customize the service offering as per your specific requirements. Proactive optimization of the IT infrastructure ensures efficient utilization of your IT resources.



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VCC service plans are available on

Fully dedicated VCC service

We provide help desk agents that are fully dedicated to your business and provide a 100% seamless environment for your end-users.

Shared VCC service

Provides full-time coverage at cost savings. The resources are shared among other clients and still provide seamless services for your team.