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a Product Configuration software

TriCon CDMS provides a highly customizable core system enabling mass customization while supporting integrated business practices. It provides a generic core system for mass customizations and is customizable to specific modules that support business rules and configuration processes.

TriCon CDMS is implemented with a user interface that is both load-balanced and fault-tolerant under heavy user load and transactions. The configuration software’s rule editor has rich controls with strong types that give engineers the right amount of freedom to create complex engineering rules.

The system allows the configuration and building of a customized one-of-a-kind vehicle, supporting the process of rigorous testing and prototyping. CDMS configuration software coordinates and manages product definition rules while providing detailed analytics and on-demand reporting. The system scales to millions of rules while providing exceptional performance.

Solution's Functional Details

The application has a highly robust user interface that allows SMEs in various disciplines to describe the condition in which vehicle components can behave to which other components of vehicles. The configuration process and workflow audits ensure that each component is working correctly. The application is a fine-grained semantic control system ensuring the rules follow engineering integrity guidelines. The application has both UI and API to allow bulk loading and complete integration with other enterprise applications. The application is used to design and build a custom truck from a concept to a showroom; it feeds the manufacturing engineering system, communicates with sales, and ensures the product under development/proposals can be built accurately.

Competitive Advantage Product Configuration Software