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EDC (Extended Delivery Center) Model

Streamline to thrive: Harness in-house flexibility, leverage offshore benefits
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Our EDC model seamlessly integrates as an extension of your team, leveraging advanced tech and expertise to establish dedicated off-shore development. Our model enables efficient collaboration, agile development, and cost optimization. With an efficient workforce and robust communication channels, we ensure effective project management, timely deliveries, and enhanced productivity, empowering businesses to scale their operations and achieve strategic goals.

Enhance offshore operations with Trigent’s EDC Model

How can our EDC model transform your business?

Efficient collaboration, effective communication

Experience unparalleled efficiency and seamless collaboration with our EDC model. From streamlined workflows to optimized efficiency, we pave the way for your team to focus on strategic HR initiatives while we handle the rest.

Embrace agile development, accelerate business

Discover a new level of agility in development, swiftly adapting to evolving project demands and expediting your path to market success.

Enhanced productivity, thriving business

Unlock the true potential of your workforce with our dedicated team and embrace enhanced productivity, allowing you to scale operations, maximize efficiency, and foster seamless communication channels for unrivaled performance.

Minimize cost, maximize efficiency

We believe in delivering results that matter. Our offshore development center offers access to a pool of skilled resources at competitive rates, minimizing costs while maximizing efficiency for your business.

Quality Engineering for Next-Gen Technology

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. With our EDC model, expect timely deliveries and strict adherence to project milestones, building unwavering trust and reliability for your projects.

Our EDC model has been meticulously designed with three powerful phases to ensure success

A dedicated team is at the heart of our EDC model, serving as your central point of contact for all EDC processes. With the responsibility of identifying and transitioning offshore activities, our expert team ensures a smooth and seamless transition. By leveraging robust processes, effective governance, and cutting-edge tools, we plan, prioritize, and skillfully manage and execute projects and programs, all with a singular focus on your success.

Witness the power of transformation, ignite your business potential, and emerge as a trailblazer in your industry with our EDC model.

Extended Delivery Center