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Precision and agility are paramount in the fast-paced world of software development. Trigent QMetrix is an innovative dashboard designed for CxOs to objectively assess and seamlessly measure software quality across the Dev, Test, and Op Functions. It empowers organizations to navigate challenges with unparalleled precision and agility, setting new standards for excellence.

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3 Pivotal Metrics for Software Quality



Release Readiness

Identifies the readiness of the software under development for launch, highlighting areas that require intervention for expedited deployment.


Release Velocity

Quantifies the number of releases deployable monthly, assessing the team's capacity and potential to respond to market requirements.


Engineering Score

Evaluates the overall quality of the Dev-Test-Ops team that rolled out the release, identifying high and low-performing processes and teams.


The existing software quality evaluation is influenced by subjectivity and relies on specific tools. Data is gathered from various isolated sources, leading to issues related to structure, format, and reports that are system-dependent.

Manual collation and organization of data for reporting purposes result in a cumbersome, time-consuming, error-prone, and infrequent process. The generated reports primarily cater to the needs of QA and Development teams, posing a challenge for CxOs who find it difficult to navigate and process technical data and reports.

The assessment of quality across functions currently relies on subjective measures. There is a clear need for objective metrics to evaluate and compare quality consistently across the realms of Development, Quality Assurance, and Operations.

Key Features of Trigent QMetrix



1Automated Data Collation

It streamlines data collection from Dev-Test-Ops systems, automating the process and centralizing it into a database. This ensures efficient analysis by simplifying data organization.


2Intuitive Widget-Based Dashboard

Our dashboard provides an intuitive, widget-based interface that presents quality metrics across Dev-Test-Ops. This comprehensive view enhances visibility into software quality during the development and testing phases.


3Pivotal Metrics

It introduces three pivotal metrics – Release Readiness, Release Velocity, and Engineering Score. These metrics offer nuanced insights for decision-making to CxOs, facilitating strategic and informed choices.


4Role-Based Metrics

Tailored metrics for CxOs, BU heads, and developers/testers enhance automation, enabling quick responses through notifications, alerts, and workflows. This customization ensures that the right stakeholders receive pertinent information for efficient decision-making.

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Case in Point

Navistar's digital platform comprises over 30 interdependent applications that undergo continuous updates, offering customers a wide array of choices. The challenge lies in verifying more than 100,000 customizations, posing a significant quality and testing hurdle.

Over 17 years, our agile approach, synergized with the implementation of Trigent QMetrix, has proven instrumental in optimizing test planning. This approach has also maximized automation efforts, leveraging advanced Jira workflows for swift issue resolution and ensuring punctual software releases.

Data Sources Utilized

. . . . . . . .

Impact Achieved

  • 85 software releases executed across 11 applications in just 10 months
  • Management of 8000+ test cases
  • A remarkable 95% test coverage achieved
  • An impressive 85% test automation rate
  • The average test cycle was reduced to 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • An exceptionally low 0.012% Defect Escape Rate (DER)

Unlock the Power of Trigent QMetrix and Enjoy the Following Benefits


Automated Data Dashboard: Access consolidated quality reports instantly, enabling proactive, data-driven decision-making.


Consolidated Data: Objectively assess effort quality across cross-functional Dev-Test-Ops teams.


New Metrics for Quality Quantification: Introduce innovative metrics for a clear and accurate representation of software quality, providing CxOs with valuable insights.


Demonstrable Milestones: Monitor and highlight your progress through tangible milestones.


Measurable Impact: Witness tangible enhancements in your software development and testing processes.

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