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Future-Ready Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering and Intelligent Automation to deliver superior customer experiences
Agility and intuitive CX are the topmost business priorities. Elevate your enterprise’s product quality and reputation with Trigent’s comprehensive Quality Engineering services. Our expert team ensures rigorous testing, superior performance, and seamless user experiences. From test automation and performance testing, DevTestOps, to security assessments, our expertise lies in attaining a business outcome-led quality engineering. Trust us for excellence in Quality Engineering!
The Trigent team was able to identify high-quality bugs and provide timely feedback in terms of QA and testing, which was critical for this project’s success. In addition, the team comprehended the product’s domain, developed test cases, integrated the test cases into TestRail, and met the goal of attaining at least 70% automation of the test cases required for go-live.
– Socotra

Quantifying Quality: The Cornerstone to Achieving Quality Excellence

Our Offerings

Quality Engineering Transformation

Accelerate your business to attain customer delight. Our QE Consulting empowers you to enhance your QA practices and maturity levels. By focusing on people, processes, technology, and tools, we enable you to achieve exceptional results.

CX Testing

Drive customer-centric success with our CX testing. Our Quality Engineering expertise ensures flawless functionality, faster decision-making, and optimized interactions. Elevate your business with unparalleled insights and superior results.

Intelligent Automation

Transform your software quality with Trigent’s qAIzen (AutoMATE) Platform. With unparalleled flexibility, scale, and speed, our next-gen infrastructure, frameworks, and solutions ensure excellence. Seamlessly integrate our platform into your SDLC and workflows and deliver exceptional digital quality for a connected customer experience.

Specialized Quality Engineering

Achieve comprehensive quality assurance with our Essential Testing Suite. Validate and verify operational capabilities, measure application performance under optimal loads, and deliver a unique connected experience for your customers, elevating your quality standards with our wide-ranging testing solutions.

Quality Engineering for Next-Gen Technology

Harness the power of AI, Big Data, and Robotic Process Automation to delight your customers with a cohesive, connected experience. Leverage our comprehensive quality assurance and software testing services to add value to your digitization efforts and embrace agile development. Achieve your business objectives confidently through our integrated solutions.

Quality Engineering for Enterprise Applications

Revolutionize your quality assurance approach with our comprehensive testing services. We empower enterprises with our continuous testing strategy, accelerating and prioritizing testing to meet the demands of Agile and DevOps initiatives. With our Enterprise testing suite, you can test faster, smarter, and risk-free, thus delivering a seamless connected experience to your customers and driving unparalleled success in the digital era.


Our Expertise