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Transportation and Logistics

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Discover the ultimate tech accelerator for shippers, carriers, brokers, and 3PLs

Create digital experiences that enable customers to find the best shipping option, build in dynamic pricing, optimize fleet usage, integrate with multi-modal carrier networks, offer real-time shipment tracking, or build your custom AI-powered TMS solution.

Transform the way you do business with AI, ML, Cloud IoT, Data, and Analytics. With deep domain expertise and customizable solution frameworks, Trigent provides a unique blend of design, business thinking, and process management to deliver seamless customer experiences.

Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Get your solution right the first time, every time, with our industry-specific solutions.
MERIT Framework for Supply Chain Modernization
MERIT Framework for Supply Chain Modernization
Transform your supply chain CX with wrappers and API interfaces. The framework enables you to progressively modernize Core applications, protect tech investments, and realize rapid RoI.
MultiChannel CX for Shippers
MultiChannel CX for Shippers
Provide real-time shipment updates across all transport modes. Enable seamless data exchange between internal and 3rd party applications, eliminate information siloes.
AI-enabled Route Optimization
AI-enabled Route Optimization
Provide smart solutions with optimized route plans, based on road conditions, supporting ADAS and onboard video telematics for maximized driver safety and wellbeing.
Process Automation
Process Automation
Automate routine processes like order routing, invoice processing, data entry, and uploading documents to legacy ERP systems to boost efficiency.
AI-enabled Dynamic Pricing
AI-enabled Dynamic Pricing
Add differentiation to your TMS System with AI extensions for your rating engine. Maximize yield with real-time demand and supply integration, capacity utilization, and multi-modal shipment options.
Connected Device Integration
Connected Device Integration
Protect freight, maintain vehicle performance, and optimize fleet use during a shipment. Ensure reliable data connection by leveraging our extensible APIs
Customization and Implementation of IoT Data
Customization and Implementation of IoT Data
Optimize high-volume data processing with a sensor-based data model, extensible ETL, integrated business-focused data selection interface, and high-frequency data visualizations
EDI Services
EDI Services
Leverage our nationwide EDI interfaces and achieve secured integration to Carriers, 3PLs, Logistics Brokers, and Fleet Operators, thus scaling your network.

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Service Offerings

Multichannel CX with Responsive Applications

Provide real-time updates and track the status of your shipments with our responsive web and mobile application that provides shippers with the latest information on the go. Create Multichannel CX applications with Trigent AXLR8 Labs’ Product Studio using the latest tech stack for web, mobile, and cloud for a contemporary front-end experience.

Access data from multiple backend systems, including legacy platforms, through a secure and extensible API framework and rendered via an integrated view. Transform your core system functionality and reduce your cost of ownership, improve RoI, as well as minimize risk.

Enhanced Systems Integration

Scale your network with secure integration to Carriers, 3PLs, Logistics Brokers, and Fleet Operators nationwide using EDI or API interfaces. We offer cloud-based, 24×7 EDI services that span across onboarding, flow configuration, partner connectivity, compliance reporting, translation, mapping, and incident resolution.
Our EDI Integration services comply with ANSI X12 standards and we use secure and encrypted communication protocols for onboarding trading partners and data transactions. Trigent AXLR8 Labs offers 60+ integration frameworks to the national and global logistics ecosystem, enabling you to onboard partners faster, ensuring seamless information flow across different entities, providing real-time shipment visibility, and enhanced Multichannel CX.

Gather Real-time Data with IoT

Protect your freight during transit, optimize fleet use, enhance the visibility of hazardous or perishable goods during a shipment, and maintain vehicle performance with our IoT services. Our extensible APIs fetch and process unstructured data and plug-in security vulnerabilities with third-party IoT devices. Trigent AXLR8 Labs Data Engineering Services help organizations create and deploy cloud-based video telematics solutions, thus enabling the organization to optimize high-volume data processing with a sensor-based data model.

Robotic Process Automation

Enhance operational efficiency by automating routine tasks such as order processing, shipment tracking, online form filings for regulatory compliance (e.g., e-DVIR), and vendor report generation (e.g., ELD, HOS, CSA) to name a few. Accelerate your RPA adoption at warp speed by taking advantage of Trigent AXLR8 Labs’ 30+ ready-to-use software bots relevant to the Logistics and Supply Chain domain. These bots can be configured or customized to suit the TMS and Enterprise Applications.

AI/ML For Dynamic Pricing, Route Optimization, Safety

Add differentiation to your Transportation Management Solution (TMS) with AI-enabled extensions. Our AI-enabled services encapsulate predictive and prescriptive solutions. Leverage our ninja team to build solutions for dynamic pricing to maximize yield or for Intelligent Fleet Maintenance to maximize utilization. In addition, with Trigent as your preferred partner, leverage the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to extract unstructured data from documents and flag anomalies in invoices, auto-classify documents, or verify regulatory compliance.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services

For seamless connection into the existing ecosystem, EDI integration is vital. However, implementation, customization, and management of EDI interfaces pose challenges due to cost, complexity, and limited expertise. Trigent offers 24/7 cloud-based EDI services covering consulting, integration, hub development, and maintenance. Our expertise spans various EDI message types, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficiency across transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, and retail industries.

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