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Enabling Businesses to Overcome Limits and Be Future-Ready

Pioneering IT Services Delivery With an On-Demand Global Workforce
Trigent is a US-based technology services company enabling organizations to adopt digital processes and client engagement models to achieve outstanding results and end-user experience. We help clients achieve this through enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and optimization of their IT environment. Trigent’s deep domain knowledge and technology expertise deliver transformational solutions to ISVs, enterprises, and SMBs.
We offer end-to-end consulting services, design, development, and managed services across Software Product Engineering, Quality Engineering, Infrastructure, Cloud, Mobility, Data Engineering, AI and automation, RPA Services, and Professional Services.
Infused with the agility of a start-up, our bespoke solutions are meticulously crafted to suit our client’s unique business needs, spanning diverse industries, including financial services, health tech, education, insurtech, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and logistics. Our distinctive strengths lie in our profound technological expertise, a dedicated and loyal workforce, enduring client relationships, and a demonstrable history of successful outcomes.
Over the past 28 years, we’ve harnessed the power of our proprietary frameworks, patented solutions, and reusable digital components to empower the agile development of more than 600 custom enterprise applications, most of which are deployed in record time in both small and large companies. We work with the same diligence to make all of our engagements successful, one at a time, small or large. Trigent thrives on improvement, evolution, and innovation. Our organizational focus is on a growth strategy aimed at expanding our client base. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate various technological innovations into a meticulously designed digital infrastructure that spans multiple industries.
Our mission is to help Our Clients “Overcome Limits” of Competitiveness, Productivity, Technology Complexity, Time, and Budget Constraints. We’re honored as the ‘Best Company to Work With’ by a leading IT Research Rating Firm, validating our commitment to unlocking organizational potential

Diversity and Inclusion

At Trigent, we wholeheartedly embrace inclusivity, diversity, and equality as the driving forces behind our continued success. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences are the seeds of innovation and creativity, nurturing an environment where individuals can thrive.
Our commitment is unwavering in creating an inclusive space where every member of our team feels not just welcome but valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique strengths.
We understand that diversity goes far beyond the surface, encompassing a rich spectrum of thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. We actively encourage open dialogue and constructive conversations that challenge biases, debunk stereotypes, and eradicate discrimination.
By championing inclusivity, diversity, and equality, we have cultivated a workforce that is not just vibrant but dynamic. This dynamic environment is the driving force behind our innovative endeavors, allowing us to better serve our clients. Together, we are forging a stronger, more inclusive organization that harnesses the power of diversity to achieve truly remarkable results.