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Our Leadership

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Meet our strategy leaders who drive innovation and growth

Bharat Khatau

Chairman & CEO


Gurmeet Singh

Vice Chairman & Managing Director


Jayesh Khatau

Vice Chairman


Chella Palaniappan

President, Client Services


Nagendra Rao

President, Sales


Rohail S Qadri

President, Professional Services


Joseph Jayachandran

Senior Vice President, HR


Ravindranath Rao

Senior Vice President, Finance


Shamini Martin

VP, Marketing


Bharat Khatau – Chairman & CEO

Bharat Khatau, the CEO and founder of Trigent, has driven the company’s growth from a start-up in the mid-’90s to a leading IT and professional services firm.

A seasoned IT professional, Bharat has witnessed the industry’s growth first-hand. As such, his leadership style is action-oriented, driven by his passion for innovation and his commitment to delivering high-value solutions for his clients. Known for his strategic thinking and ability to identify emerging trends and technologies, he focuses on creating a culture of collaboration and empowerment within his organization. Bharat has built a legacy of excellence that continues to drive Trigent’s success today.

Before his role at Trigent, Bharat co-founded Better Software Technology and an IT and engineering consulting company. He holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.


Gurmeet Singh – Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Gurmeet Singh is a highly accomplished strategist with over 35 years of experience in corporate strategy, planning, staffing, operations, financial management, and venture capital investments. As a valuable asset to Trigent for the past 15 years, his strategic leadership has shaped its trajectory and helped expand it to new verticals.

Gurmeet’s expertise in optimizing capital projects and reducing costs has helped revitalize businesses. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of operational nuances, Gurmeet’s primary role revolves around charting the course for large-scale transformations that directly impact growth, revenue, operational performance, and profitability.

Gurmeet deftly navigates the dynamic business landscape, leveraging Trigent’s strengths and fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability, empowering teams to excel and achieve milestones. Prior to his current role, he founded Marigold Capital Services Ltd. and served as the head of Marigold Mezzanine Investment Fund, establishing a strong foundation for success.

Gurmeet is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.


Jayesh Khatau – Vice Chairman

As Vice Chairman, Jayesh Khatau orchestrates the planning, optimization, and execution of Trigent’s global financial program. He strategically builds new partnerships and fulfills enterprise-wide aspirations while leading multiple engagements. Jayesh is responsible for the firm’s profitability, supporting growth initiatives, driving process simplification and automation, and building a best-in-class team.

With 40 years of experience in the technical services industry, Jayesh has focused on helping clients build resilient infrastructure and tackle strategic cross-functional challenges. Jayesh has extensive experience working with diverse systems and industries, including engineering and manufacturing companies across various sectors.

Jayesh began his career at Morarji Chemicals, Bombay. He also managed a successful consulting and software product company that provided innovative solutions to help clients achieve business outcomes.

Jayesh did his BSc from Bombay University and MBA from the State University of New York, USA.


Chuck Rehberg – CTO

A man of many firsts, with seven US and foreign patents to his credit, Chuck Rehberg works closely with the Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Bangalore to design and lead transformational programs and platforms. Chuck shapes Trigent’s technology vision, turning insights into action for our clients and us and helping Trigent scale and expand its market presence.

Bringing more than 40 years of experience, Chuck has been at the forefront of driving the innovation agenda and technology roadmap for some of the top companies in the world – Ascential Software, Dovetail Software, Cayenne Software, Inc., R&O Holdings Inc., and Digital Equipment Corporation. He also developed and patented the Fast Rules Selection Engine (FRSE) – the world’s fastest and most scalable rules engine.

Chuck earned his Master’s in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico. Prior to Trigent, he worked as a Researcher at Stanford University and the University of Michigan-Flint. He has also been a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of New Mexico and is a Boston Technology Leadership Council member.


Chella Palaniappan – President, Client Services

As President of Client Services, Chella oversees client engagements in enterprise software development, cloud services, product development, integration, and testing. He works closely with clients in North America to ensure their outsourcing initiatives and execution are swift and seamless.

He has held various leadership positions at Trigent, guiding companies to navigate complex business scenarios by developing sharper strategies, adopting new agile working methods, and empowering them with solutions to achieve above-market growth. Chella helps clients achieve customer centricity and increased satisfaction by creating roadmaps and setting innovation priorities.

Prior to joining Trigent, Chella led development teams of engineers delivering software solutions in the networking and software utility area at Tata Unisys and worked with The National Informatics Center of India. He earned his Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences from Coimbatore Institute of Technology and his master’s in Computer Applications from St. Joseph’s College.


Nagendra Rao – President, Sales

With more than 30 years of experience, Nagendra drives revenue generation, leads business development, and is accountable for all sales initiatives at Trigent Software Inc. His expertise in hyper-scaling businesses and his data-driven approach to expansion planning have been instrumental in the organization’s success.

With a demonstrated history of working with several industries such as healthcare, high-tech, Insurtech, transportation, and logistics, Nagendra builds and manages high-performance sales teams, working from the conceptualization stage to implementation across diverse geographies and business verticals. As a forward-thinking leader with a special affinity towards healthcare, he ensures recurring revenue by continuously realigning Trigent’s value proposition to meet market demands. His relationship and account management skills have helped nurture many of the enduring client relationships across healthcare, insurtech, and other major industry domains.

Nagendra’s outcome-led, analytical approach, as well as an excellent market understanding, is a result of his rich experience in prominent companies such as Hughes Networks, Tata Consultancy Services, and Crompton Greaves, where he previously worked. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Delhi College of Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration from the esteemed Xavier Institute of Management.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Nagendra strongly believes that technology and health are the catalysts to maximize an individual’s potential. His experience, passion, and strategic vision are vital to driving Trigent’s growth and adding value to the company’s sales initiatives.


Rohail S Qadri – President, Professional Services

Rohail Qadri, Featured in Silicon India and CIO Look, an IT industry veteran with about 20 years of experience in IT and IT-enabled services, drives strategic growth and success at Trigent Professional Services. His customer-centric approach and focus on continuous service improvement methodology have made the organization more agile and responsive while empowering our clients to stay competitive and future-ready.

Rohail has led technology staffing initiatives for more than 100+ Fortune companies globally. He has held leadership, strategic, and advisory roles across Accenture, IBM, and Ciber, with expertise in strategic planning, delivery execution, transformation, change management, and talent acquisition.

A keen observer of markets and global megatrends on productivity, growth, automation, and technological advancements, Rohail’s key focus has been handling strategic business portfolios for leading clients across USA-NA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Rohail holds a Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences and a full-time MBA from Bangalore University.

Joseph Jayachandran – Senior Vice President, HR

As the Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Joseph (JJ) leads change and transformation strategies to build high-performing teams.

Joseph has been a core member of Trigent since its inception and has been instrumental in building a sustainable and effective organizational design and culture to ensure inclusion and diversity at the workplace while nurturing a learning and purpose-driven mindset. His strategic vision and people-centered approach helped chart Trigent’s global expansion course.

Joseph spearheaded complex business transformations and forged strategic alliances in his former IOCL and Digital Juice leadership roles. Joseph holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Loyola College and a double Master’s in Personnel Management from Madras School of Social Work and Human Resource Management from the University of Hull, United Kingdom. He is also a proud recipient of the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship.


Ravindranath Rao – Senior Vice President, Finance

Ravindranath Rao is a seasoned finance professional with an impressive track record spanning over four decades in multinational corporations. He specializes in working capital finance, project finance, and public issues (IPO), possessing a wealth of knowledge that has proved invaluable in successfully managing mega-public ventures for multinational companies operating in India. Over the years, he has led numerous mergers and acquisitions in collaboration with the renowned big four Chartered Accountant firms in the country.

Since January 2003, Ravindranath has been the driving force behind Trigent’s financials, accounting, and compliance functions. His meticulous approach ensures flawless filings, adept management of income tax obligations, effective implementation of transfer pricing strategies, and strict adherence to Reserve Bank of India regulations. Moreover, his prowess in building solid relationships with banking partners has been instrumental in securing the company’s financial stability.

Guiding a team of experts with his strategic insights and keen business acumen, Ravindranath continues to elevate Trigent’s financial performance, playing a crucial role in the company’s overall success. His extensive experience and unwavering dedication make him a true asset to the organization, ensuring it remains on a path of growth and prosperity.


Shamini Martin – VP, Marketing

Shamini Martin, an industry veteran, has been at the forefront of strategic initiatives of some of the top technology giants. She brings extensive global experience in marketing, bid management, presales, and product marketing.

As the Vice President of Marketing at Trigent Software, Shamini relies on her 22+ years of experience providing strategic leadership to expand its brand presence and scale new frontiers. Leading the marketing charter of Trigent, Shamini is the brand custodian of Trigent and helps drive business growth through high-impact marketing programs.

Shamini has held successive leadership positions at Wipro and Cognizant Technology Solutions, where she set up and run high-functioning bid management and product marketing teams that catered to diverse markets like North America, Europe, APAC, and India.

Shamini holds a double Master’s degree and has studied at the finest management institutions in India and USA.