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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are dedicated to

Improving the society where we live, empowering the local community surrounding us, and helping create a sustainable future for the planet.
At Trigent, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are aligned with our core business values, aiming to create sustainable change in areas that align with our expertise. By engaging in these strategic areas, we strive to enhance social welfare, foster inclusivity, and contribute to improving communities while maintaining a solid business focus.

Our four core CSR Pillars are:

Empowering Digital Literacy

Empowering Digital Literacy

Recognizing the power of technology as an enabler, we are dedicated to promoting digital literacy. We actively collaborate with educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and community centers to provide access to technology, training, and resources. By empowering individuals with digital skills, we aim to enhance their employability and bridge the digital divide, fostering inclusive growth.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

As a responsible software services company, we acknowledge our role in addressing environmental challenges. We are devoted to minimizing our ecological footprint through sustainable practices. This includes adopting energy-efficient technologies, promoting recycling and waste reduction, and encouraging a hybrid work model to reduce carbon emissions. By embracing green initiatives, we strive to create a healthier, greener, and cleaner future for future generations.

Employee Well Being

Employee Well Being

We genuinely believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Their well-being is not just a priority; it's at the heart of our corporate culture. We invest in their professional growth through continuous learning opportunities, mentorship programs, and a supportive work environment. Our commitment to well-being extends to their personal lives, with comprehensive health and wellness benefits and a strong focus on work-life balance. Our employees aren't just part of our workforce; they're an integral part of our Trigent family, and their well-being is our genuine concern.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We prioritize community engagement by partnering with local organizations for programs like skills development workshops, volunteering, and supporting aligned social causes. By actively engaging with communities, we aim to make a lasting positive impact on society while building strong relationships with our stakeholders. This forms a core part of Trigent's business strategy, focusing on digital literacy, environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement. We are committed to continuously enhancing our CSR efforts and collaborating with stakeholders to drive meaningful change and create a better world for all.

Impactful Stories

Funding dreams for a brighter future

The Hopeworks Foundation is a registered trust based in Bengaluru, India, committed to transforming girls’ lives from financially underprivileged and socially challenged backgrounds. They aim to support girls aged six to 21 through their three flagship programs.

Tree Planting Initiative

Trigent’s partnership with Reforest India has paved the way for a greener future, as together, we have established a lush green park through our dedicated efforts in tree planting, ensuring the creation of essential lung space for our environment. Let’s reforest India. one tree at a time.

The Sri Sarva Dharma Samanvaya Trust's Journey

The Sri Sarva Dharma Samanvaya Trust is dedicated to three core missions: spirituality, service, and education. They’ve successfully nurtured Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Niketan, a school that has transformed the lives of over 600 students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Their current goal is to establish a computer lab with 40 computer systems in the school. Trigent supports this initiative to promote digital literacy among students and enhance the quality of education by assisting them financially to set up the lab infrastructure.

Maharashtra State Branch Of The Indian Red Cross Society

The Indian Red Cross Society is dedicated to disaster prevention, healthcare, and social services. Recently, they took charge of a rural hospital, two health centers, and 14 sub-centers across 123 villages in Maharashtra, aiming to provide better healthcare to underserved communities. Trigent is proud to support this initiative for improved healthcare access and quality services.


Founded in 2018, the Tondiarpet Education Assistance for Children (TEACH) Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students overcome financial obstacles and pursue their education. At its core, TEACH strives to eliminate financial barriers for academically gifted students. Trigent proudly backs this initiative, working to ensure that education is accessible to all, regardless of their financial circumstances.

The Living Treasure

The Living Treasure is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization with the twin objectives of fostering personality development through self-evaluation and assisting the needy, less privileged members of society by providing them with essential services without discrimination of religion, caste, and creed.
One of their prominent programs is dedicated to delivering high-quality and affordable primary medical care to low-income and underprivileged groups in North-West Delhi. Their mission is to ensure healthcare access for society’s poorest and most marginalized segments. Trigent proudly supports this noble initiative by contributing resources, expertise, and dedication to uplift the health and well-being of those in need.

The Antim Sanskar Seva Initiative by Hiralal Parekh Parivar Charity Trust

Established in 1982, the Hiralal Parekh Parivar Charity Trust was born from the compassionate vision of a Mumbai-based family with a singular purpose – to extend a helping hand to our fellow Mumbaikars.
Under the initiative ‘Antim Sanskar Seva,’ they provide dignified funeral and cremation services to the people of Mumbai, completely free of charge. Trigent wholeheartedly backs this meaningful endeavor, striving to ensure everyone in the city receives the respect and support they deserve during their final moments.

Our future approach

As we set our sights on the future, our unwavering commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) takes on a dynamic and visionary edge. In this section, we embark on a journey through our evolving CSR approach, showcasing our strategic initiatives and passionate dedication to creating a profound and lasting impact on the world we share.