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A Cloud-based Mobile-enabled Field Force Solution

Their thorough understanding of our business and the ensuing solution helped us seamlessly transition from a digitally naive to a digitally transformed organization. The solution, not just improved efficiency, it also had a significant impact on business outcomes.

About the Client

A customer-centric road infrastructure service provider powers digital transformation across the organization to rigorously serve all its customers.
The infrastructure company is recognized for its commitment to quality and road safety. Their business enables municipalities, federal, and state governing bodies and contractors across the United States to achieve top-quality road infrastructure that serves the public’s dual purposes of safety and convenience. Their work scope encompasses vital components of road safety, including pavement markings and signage, traffic control operations, and sweeping services. These services are carried out by trained and certified personnel.

Business Needs

In addition to encompassing the entire employee lifecycle, the client’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS) software provided a one-stop solution for the products and services that keep businesses secure and their employees engaged in terms of delivering:
Self-service support with regard to IT and infrastructure by sending system-specific notifications. The software maintained a centralized database accessible to higher management to keep track of system-specific compliance.
Companies are more likely to invest in AI-led technology to optimize business processes cost-effectively, offering lucrative opportunities in the human resource technology market. Additionally, strengthening an organization’s defense against security is a good investment, specifically for small and medium-sized organizations.

Business Challenge

To find the right balance between its product offering and user needs, the client built a minimum viable product (MVP). By introducing MVP, the client aspired to generate user feedback and understand the customer usage patterns of the application frequently. This required the core product team to maximize the time spent on application feature enhancements constantly. Additionally, to provide a superior customer experience for the MVP, an omnichannel user interface and user experience (UI/UX) on the web application were essential. To enable the core engineering team to focus on strategic and development initiatives, the client sought a team of expert QA and testing engineers with process management skills to:
The solution sought to address some of the pressing challenges such as:
Trigent developed an application for both Android and iOS platforms for the field force and a web application for the managers to remotely manage.

On the move efficiency, through mobility

The developers created a multi-platform native application for Android and iOS for maximum reach. Special emphasis was laid on the UX/UI of the application to ensure it was easy to use for all employee personas in the organization. The applications’ features:

The applications’ image capturing feature is used to capture the work order progress and share it with customers as updates. Legacy desktop applications were replaced with a cloud-based web application that is accessible anytime anywhere.
With a comprehensive field force management application, the product perfectly aligned with the business’s commitment to enhance procedures and functioning to deliver the best quality infrastructural work.

Plugged to the cloud

Trigent’s Cloud Services Practice implemented a serverless solution on a public cloud infrastructure for the client.

The shift to Cloud infrastructure unlocked new capabilities for the client:

End-to-end testing for accurate functioning of the application

cloud based mobile enabled field force solution

Client Benefits:

The client’s timely move with cloud-enabled mobility solutions resulted in significant positive returns for the organization and benefits for their customers.

Technology Stack: