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Trigent’s Partnership with Electroneek

Trigent has partnered with Electroneek-a prominent name in the RPA industry. Recognized as the robust RPA platform for IT and Managed Services, Electroneek supports a no-code/low-code platform for automation projects.
RPA is a new imperative for businesses to scale processes while eliminating errors and enhancing operational efficiencies. Considering this factor, Electroneek provides easy automation solutions to integrate into existing systems and optimize logic-driven workflows. By leveraging the Electroneek platform, Trigent will support its customers in building new automation projects meeting our customers’ specifications and enabling them to scale operations in the dynamic digital landscape.

Benefits of Using Electroneek’s RPA Platform

Electroneek- A Powerful RPA Tool with No Software Licencing Requirements

Key Features of Electroneek Bot Runner​

Electroneek Studio Pro

Electroneek Saas Orchestrator

Trigent Software Inc. has established competence in offering RPA strategy, development, deployment, and running bots in a secure environment. We seek to ensure end-to-end integration of Electroneek’s RPA tools and deploy RPA solutions for our customers’ best-suited needs.
Along with supporting RPA strategy and deployment expertise, Trigent is providing RPA consulting services to ensure the complete monitoring of the entire lifecycle of RPA. It enables our customers to stay productive and meet agile business requirements without compromising quality and performance.
We are glad to partner with the Industry’s best RPA platform- a partnership forged to enhance customer capabilities with our RPA solutions that meet the challenges of the dynamic marketplace.
Trigent has always been at the forefront of disruptive technology solutions. Integrating AI with RPA to customize solutions for our customers is critical to our disruptive technology services.

Trigent’s core competencies incorporate the following:

We intend to support our customers by mapping business processes and identifying key areas of optimization and designing, deploying, and running AI-driven RPA solutions that aid in process efficiency, enhanced visibility, and end-to-end workflow automation.
With the Electroneek platform, we support our customers with the best RPA tools that are fast and incorporate the following:
Trigent’s technical expertise and Electroneek’s low-code/no-code capabilities enable our customers to accelerate their ROI and optimize their business operations while maintaining security.
Trigent’s Partnership with Electroneek