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ServiceNow Integration Services

Seamlessly connect processes, people, and functions with ServiceNow
Take the lead in the digital evolution and become a technology-first company by unlocking the full potential of ServiceNow for your business. Integrate intelligent workflows, automate reports, and leverage analytics for enhanced competitiveness through custom-built ServiceNow services.
Through our advanced ServiceNow implementation and integration services, you can seamlessly integrate multiple systems and platforms, thereby improving process efficiency, eliminating unnecessary costs, and enhancing customer experiences.
Trigent’s expert consultants can help you streamline your operations on a single cloud platform, effortlessly adapt to market dynamics, and significantly amplify business outcomes in the process.

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Service Offerings

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Revolutionize your IT operations and enhance efficiency through Trigent’s custom-built ServiceNow platforms. Modernize workflows, achieve unprecedented visibility, and proactively detect and resolve anomalies with AIOps. Elevate your IT team’s productivity, cut costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences by streamlining ITOM and disaster recovery management.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Optimize IT Asset Management with Trigent’s unified and custom-built ServiceNow platform. Seamlessly navigate the asset lifecycle, managing software licenses, hardware upgrades, and cloud assets aligned with business objectives. Enhance transparency, evaluate investments, and strategically plan for improved asset utilization.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Transform IT service delivery with our cloud-based ITSM capabilities. Leverage AI for ticket management automation, categorization, and assignment, optimizing service efficiency and elevating customer experiences.

Field Service Management

Revamp field service operations with Trigent’s custom built ServiceNow cloud platform. Streamline workflows, optimize scheduling, and provide personalized customer service for seamless and delightful experiences.

Customer Service Management

Automate customer inquiries and responses, and deliver swift resolutions on a unified and intelligent cloud-based platform that is custom-built to suit your operational needs. Amplify customer experiences through AI-driven product and service recommendations, streamlined processes, and prompt responses.

HR Service Delivery

Simplify HR and Payroll processes with Trigent’s comprehensive cloud-based solution. Streamline workflows, empower employees with self-service capabilities, and boost productivity and engagement while minimizing costs.

Managed Cloud Services

Boost business velocity with Trigent’s cloud-first approach that involves integrating your systems, processes, and operations on the powerful ServiceNow cloud, custom-built by our experts to meet the demands of your business. Transform your cloud strategy, achieve optimal maturity, and enhance KPIs by leveraging superior cloud architectures that are serverless and use advanced data containers.

Virtual Agents/Chatbots

Elevate customer experiences and employee productivity with Trigent’s virtual agents/chatbots. Integrate intelligent bots on your platform to offer personalized responses, seamless integrations, and AI-powered incident resolution. Empower IT teams with data-driven dashboards to swiftly address issues and delight customers.

CI/CD Pipeline for App Development

Accelerate software delivery with Trigent’s agile CI/CD pipelines. Simplify code management, collaboration, and DevOps integration for faster time to market. Gain real-time insights, visibility, and faster iteration capabilities to drive efficient software development cycles.

Simplify Complex IT Processes with Trigent’s ServiceNow Capabilities: Key Benefits for Your Business


Our ITAM services aid healthcare providers in managing tangible and intangible assets, adhering to medical data regulations, and streamlining user processes. Incident and change management enhance efficiency, while customer service support elevates patient care.

Transportation and Logistics

Automation and AI-driven field service management enhance operations, cost-efficiency, process visibility, real-time analysis, and customer experiences.


Manufacturing adapts to customer preferences with streamlined operations through our ITAM services. We optimize asset management, maintenance, inventory, budgeting, and contract workflows for efficient supply chain processes and compliance management.


Centralized vendor data improves decisions, inventory control avoids overstocking, and streamlined order management enhances customer experiences.

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