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Case Study
A Cloud-Based TMS Company Enhances its Security and Performance Through Test Automation

Trigent Software’s people know what they’re talking about, so it’s worth considering their suggestions.

– Carrier Integrations Manager

About the Cient

The client is a leading provider of the cloud-based transport management system. They introduced the industry’s first multimodal transportation management system (TMS) offering unlimited rating, booking, and tracking of Full Truck Load (TL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), and parcel freight.

The Free Shipper solution enables shippers to compare rates across multiple transportation carriers, shipment modes, freight load, destinations, and service days. It also allowed consumers to get one consolidated POD for the transaction. The Freight Intelligence solution uncovers new opportunities for cost reduction and supply chain improvements by leveraging predictive analytics.

Business Challenge

The multi-carrier transport model required multiple platforms across the partner network to function as one. Each carrier partner operated different systems, offered diverse web services, and used different terms for the same attribute or parameter. As partners operated independently, the onus was on the client to architect a solution that integrated data into a single environment. The architecture needed to scale to support individual carrier partners and be versatile to support diverse customer business needs. Customer orders needed to be formatted to be compatible with partner system capabilities.

Dynamic Comprehensive Solution by Trigent

The solution had to meet multiple business needs with a complex network of interfaces.
A platform to request offers from carriers for a customer shipment, receive quotes
APIs that convert the requests and quotes into formats as supported by different carriers
Rating engine to process the quotes and present the optimized cost/rate for the customer
Front end UX for customer, carrier, and other stakeholders
The challenge was to simplify the complex routing logic and architect and deliver an intelligent solution. Trigent developed a phased approach to developing the solution.

Standardized flows; design and development of the engine

Responsible testing approach and intelligent automation: Trigent worked closely with the client’s engineering team and operated as an extended client team. We integrated quality right from the requirements gathering and design phase and worked with all stakeholders to ensure rigorous QA before the application was pushed to production. Trigent built a test automation strategy that covered the key business process flows, user experience, technology integrations, and performance. Trigent’s automation engineers developed robust automation test suites using Selenium for UI Testing, JUnit for Unit Testing, and JMeter for Performance Testing. Innovative testing methods reduced the chronic “backlog” issue–shortening cycle times and accelerating time-to-innovation. Our test automation framework reduced the test execution time by 70% and improved QA efficiency.

Designed for scaled performance and enhanced security Trigent’s QA testing team integrated performance and security testing as part of the rapid onboarding process of carriers. Our team ensured that the quality of both the functionality and experience of the platform was intact when it was scaled up. They assessed potential risks early on, made vulnerability checks, and put a robust system together to quality test every new addition to the platform. Security testing was done to protect sensitive information and business data, manage risks of data leakage, flawless functioning, significantly mitigate risks.

Client Benefits:

Our solution helped the client to rapidly grow their customer database in a short span of time. The company successfully added over 200 new customers in less than five months. Our QA framework with a streamlined QA process ensured timely and high-quality delivery.
Our engagements continue with the client as we focus on accelerating new feature developments with a deeper understanding of the business. As we continue to deliver value, our relationship is now 5+ years and growing stronger.

Technology Stack:

A cloud-based TMS company enhances its Security and Performance through Test Automation