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Case Study
A Construction Major Empowers its Field Managers With Technology Designed for Rugged Environments and Low-Quality Networks

The speed at which they’re able to understand the product is impressive. Trigent delivers everything that’s asked of them each sprint. The team is excellent at getting up to speed with new technologies. They’re an organized team that gets the job done.

About the Client

The client is a software product company providing cloud-based solutions for construction companies and their ancillary businesses. Their solutions enable architects, engineers, contractors, and owners (AECO) to collaborate, collect, and organize data of their construction projects, get detailed progress updates daily, and share reports – all from a single dashboard. Their software is used by over 122,000 users in more than 1,200 firms across the world.

Business Challenge

The client aspired to provide highly granular data and reports on the projects directly from the site, to its AECO stakeholders. The solution needed to be intuitive and easy to use for foremen or site supervisors, factor in the rugged conditions, and be able to work on any mobile device owned by the users.
Data gathered needed to be uploaded into their existing construction management platform for collation, processing, and accessing/sharing with authorized users.

Trigent Solution

The challenge was to simplify the previous version of the application, enhance the features, and augment the user experience (UX) keeping the construction site environment challenges in mind.

Synchronized overview

Trigent developed the cloud-based Project Information Management (PIM) software that allowed multiple stakeholders to communicate and have a unified view of the project.
All stakeholders – architects, engineers, contractors, owners – can upload data related to the project onto the platform. Everyone associated with the project gets a unified status report of the project.
Resilience to network quality and availability
The mobile app is developed with a cross-platform architecture. Developers work on a single underlying codebase that is compatible across iOS and Android.
Customer experience
The UX of the application is being modulated for different user personas in the construction site or off-site environments. Examples include the Dark Mode option to conserve mobile battery, and voice interactions for hands-free usage.
Contextual information
Users can add any contextual information related to the project to allow other associates to better understand the project.

Looking into the future

We continue to work with the client on the ConstructEx web application, enhancing its features and the UX. In view of the construction environment where touch screens are not user-friendly, the ability to navigate with voice-enabled features is under consideration.

Client Benefits:

Trigent empowered the client to offer an enhanced cloud-based application to its customers that operated in tough terrains despite no Internet connectivity. It simplified their day-to-day work tracking, enabled managing reports, and exchanging live updates of projects.

Key features

Technology Stack:

A Construction major empowers its Field Managers with technology designed for rugged environments and low-quality networks