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A Global Human Rights Organization Gains a 360-Degree View of Their Case Tracking Management System With Data Migration

Trigent understood how our business works, the database structure, and its complexity. Their Salesforce team is pretty knowledgeable; they learned our product pretty fast, which was impressive because this is probably one of the most complex builds.

About the Client

The client is a global, non-governmental organization focused on human rights and law enforcement. The organization protects the poor – rescues victims from violence, brings criminals to justice, restores survivors to safety, and helps local law enforcement build a safe future that lasts. The client has 17 field offices throughout Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The organization has rescued more than 23,000 people from violence and has convicted more than 800 criminals for the past 15 years.

Business Needs

The client uses a native application, Casework Tracking Management System (CTMS), which provides data on individual cases (legal), and various steps as the cases progress. Each field office has a different instance and system with multiple modules depending on the programs managed by that office:
The client wanted an integrated portal with advanced customization for improved management and seamless collaboration across field offices. Also, replicate all the current functionalities and ensure all their legacy data seamlessly migrated into the new system.
The primary challenge was data migration from disparate source systems to a centralized system. As the system collected large volumes of transactional data, collating it and extracting meaningful insights was challenging. Other challenges include:
Each case record is uniquely identified, assigned a file location, tracked, and scheduled as an aspect of case management. Loss, misfiling, or alteration of a document can affect critical legal rights. A failure to detect case papers that call for immediate or short-term judicial action may leave vulnerable persons unprotected, such as children in an abusive environment. Secure transformation of sensitive data was of utmost priority.

Trigent Solution

The Trigent team performed an extensive evaluation of the existing application to identify the data elements and map to Salesforce platform. Trigent’s certified Salesforce experts created a roadmap to migrate the data for each field office to Salesforce Service Cloud. Each field office has different volumes of data, and our team followed Salesforce guidelines for data migration (data cleansing, deduplication with automation, rebuild/create workflows and reports, data optimization) and identified opportunities for speeding up the loading process. Service cloud was configured and customized to meet the business needs and migrated data from CTMS.
The team explored various data migration tools and finalized Dell Boomi. Boomi was used to securely transform sensitive data in multiple formats: flat files, excel sheets, database pulls, or APIs. The client could control access to legal data, ensure the data remains secure, eliminate manual data entry, and decrease data errors by 90%.
The QA engineers analyzed the business risk associated with the specific systems to be migrated, identified the source of migration errors, and prepared a testing methodology for data migration. The team performed object/field level validations, error handling reviews, data integrity validation, workflow validations, ETL load validations. Integration testing and compatibility testing were done to ensure the data flow between different components did not break under any condition.

Client Benefits:

The team successfully migrated the data from each of the field office to a single Salesforce platform, enabling information sharing globally and reducing case search times from hours to minutes. Additional benefits include:
The migration reaped benefits such as a 360-degree view of the case tracking and management system. Also, a scalable and flexible solution allows changes and enhancements to existing business processes with less effort.

Technology Stack: