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Global Transport Leader Ensures Reliable Real-Time Fare Processing With Intelligent Test Automation.

About the Client

Our client provides a suite of transport solutions to improve mobility in the world’s greatest cities. With real-time analytics for transportation/traffic management systems, and integrated CX for travelers to plan and pay for their journeys, the organization ensures operational excellence for transport networks to run smoothly and efficiently

Business Needs

To cater to the demands of multimodal urban travel, our client provides an open architecture revenue management system for transit authorities to manage complex, integrated transport networks while offering travelers a single account to manage all their travel needs. TThe solution supports evolving payment technologies and integrates with third party providers.
The client has delivered over 20 regional back office operations, integrated 450+ transport operators, and annually processes 24 Billion transactions. It is imperative for the client to ensure that every transaction is processed accurately in real-time.
The client’s account-based system architecture is continuously updated to add support for new payment technologies, fare policies, products, and pricing. They needed a system to ensure the highest levels of quality of all the changes that were being constantly rolled out.

Trigent Solution

Investing in continuous testing was essential for the organization to maintain its leadership position. The client partnered with Trigent to augment its QA capabilities. After completing a thorough automation assessment and understanding the current systems and processes, the team developed an end-to-end QA automation strategy.
Trigent built a QA automation strategy encapsulating business flows, user experience, and technology integrations. To cater to the dynamic needs of the project, the team developed a versatile framework leveraging the Selenium TestNG framework with Java coding standards. The framework was reused across different modules to automate the test cases.

Our engagement approach

Several utilities were built to stimulate tap-in/tap-out scenarios concerning the peak and off-peak time, frequency of usage scenarios, and operational transactions pertaining to bank cards. Moreover, based on the application specification provided by the client, Trigent developed dynamic waits for a ‘trip and tap’ to complete.Prerequisite test data for test cases, as well as regression test suites, were created. Test suites were executed leveraging Jenkins. The regression suite included tests to validate edge cases like Tap Timeout, Fare Reversal and Zone Transfers to ensure that every experience worked reliably as required. Additionally,exhaustive assertions were done to test the data in all possible combinations, ensuring all the transactions were processed and updated correctly. Testing across multiple browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, was also conducted to ensure compatibility.
The project scope was further expanded to include assurance of:

Client Benefits:

The sound QA automation testing strategy enabled the organization to:

Technology Stack: