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A Leading Digital Marketing Agency Enhances Its CX on its Core Data Management Platform by Leveraging a Testing Center of Excellence

About the Client

The client is a Denver-based digital marketing agency specializing in local search optimization and franchise marketing. Its work encompasses a diverse range of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and franchise businesses. The agency helps businesses enhance their customer’s online presence, attract qualified leads, drive customer engagement, and achieve measurable growth. Furthermore, its portfolio showcases a track record of developing and implementing successful marketing strategies that have delivered tangible business outcomes for its clients.
Established in 1999, the client focuses on utilizing data-driven strategies and advanced technology to deliver measurable outcomes for its customers. By combining its deep understanding of local markets with innovative techniques, the agency creates customized marketing campaigns that align with each of its customer’s unique goals.

Business Challenge

With over 55 brand partners and supporting more than 50,000 franchisees and business locations globally, the client has been helping its customers successfully connect the dots by leveraging strategy, media, and technology. Through its platform, the agency captures the relevant data for digital marketing.
However, the existing platform had difficulties integrating numerous API interfaces and third-party platforms for data extraction. To maintain its disruptive position in the market, the agency decided to upgrade its platform, which would dramatically simplify the user experience. Thus maintaining the highest levels of quality with regard to all the platform changes being rolled out was of utmost importance.
Furthermore, maintaining its position in the market as a trusted partner to its customers required the core development team to maximize their time spent on the new feature development. To enable the team to focus on development initiatives, the client sought a robust team that would:
Help expedite the time-to-market
Assist in boosting the report quality, thus ensuring the timely generation of reports
Enhance the quality, reliability, and efficiency of the platform
Look for security weaknesses and provide guidance to address them
Being a forward-thinking company, the agency aspired to create a core quality center of excellence that could help them achieve the highest levels of business assurance. To achieve the desired Customer Experience (CX), the client sought to establish a framework that would be instrumental in maintaining standardization across its teams and prioritizing testing innovation.

Trigent Solution

The client decided to invest in a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). It partnered with Trigent to augment its QA and testing capabilities.

QA strategy for a digital-first experience

Trigent built an end-to-end QA strategy encapsulating the user experience, existing integrations, and business flows. Based on the agency’s business requirements, the team defined an overall strategy, the critical elements of which were:

A shift-left approach for early error identification
Continuous testing methodology to ensure errors in periodic builds were trapped early
Strong focus on CX
The client decided to invest in a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). It partnered with Trigent to augment its QA and testing capabilities.

End-to-End Test Program Management

To ensure scalability and holistic management of people and processes, the team implemented a comprehensive process defining the test approaches and strategies best suited to the client’s platform. Best-in-class standards, tools, and templates were implemented. Comprehensive reports were generated depicting the agreed goals and benchmarking the performance to the client’s business outcomes. The reports also encapsulated all the aspects related to people and test management and provided engagement-level reporting of metrics.

Test Automation Framework to meet the agency’s requirement for the agile testing

The team designed and developed a bespoke automation test framework. Trigent’s seasoned QA experts created over 200 test cases, out of which more than 100 were automation candidates and automated over 90 test cases leveraging Cyprus.

Automation testing helped execute functional and regression test cases without any human intervention and enabled the team to run test cases at the same time and on multiple browsers with high quality. Intelligent automation testing also enabled the agency to explore the platform in-depth, check the memory data, data tables, and internal file structures to improve the final release for deployment.
CI/CD pipelines were built using Azure DevOps to automate the execution of the test scripts. The pipelines were further optimized to run specific modules instead of the entire suite to avoid timeouts. Furthermore, the team built end-to-end functional tests and API test repositories.
Testing Workflow

Specialized Quality Engineering focusing on the Security and Performance of the platform

A series of iterative performance tests were done that enabled the team to understand the platform’s responsiveness under different user loads, as there were third-party integrations. The tests eliminated bottlenecks in the platform. Furthermore, leveraging Postman, API performance testing ensured the apt functioning of the programming interfaces. Test execution was done in SIT and UAT environments, and several interim performance reports were generated.

The agency ensured proactive detection of and assessments of vulnerabilities and threats with a robust persona-based security testing plan. Trigent’s QA experts developed an end-to-end VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) strategy. The team performed Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) of the platform based on various compliance standards such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), insecure session management, cross-site scripting (XSS), and SQL injection, to name a few.
Security Assessment
A thorough assessment was provided with a combination of automated scanning tools and manual testing. Moreover, detailed reports were generated that encapsulated severity levels of the vulnerabilities and recommendations to resolve them.

Client Benefits:

The sound QA strategy enabled the client to:

Technology Stack: