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Case Study
A Leading Healthcare Company Maximizes Efficiency and Collaboration With its Customized Web Application

The application that Trigent built for us was convenient and easy to use. The team was organized, dedicated, and reliable.

About the Client

The organization provides top-rated clinical image management and structured reporting systems for specialties like cardiovascular (CVIS), radiology, and obstetrics and gynecology. Their medical imaging solutions include image review workstations, sound PACS image, and integrated clinical databases among others. Located in Houston, they provide seamless and efficient clinical workflow with digital image diagnostics.

Business Challenge

The organization’s current desktop standalone application is ill-suited to the growing business needs. They aspired to design and develop an intuitive, feature-rich DICOM image viewer application that is easy for radiologists and practitioners alike. The images needed to be securely accessible from desktops and mobiles for physicians to review, consult, and diagnose on the go.and diagnose on the go.
The organization sought IT experts who could combine technology with human factor design and create intuitive experiences around its core imaging solutions.

Trigent Solution

To attain its goal of building an intuitive user interface for superior customer experience, the organization partnered with Trigent to leverage its Application development and UI/UX capabilities. Trigent developed a custom web application that supported the following capabilities:

Trigent team led with key UI recommendations for end-to-end digitization of all health records and its best rendition across various healthcare specialties such as cardiovascular, OB-GYN, and oncology, to name a few.
In addition to DICOM, the custom web application also supported other formats like MPEG, JPG, and WebM. Technologies such as Javascript and HTML5, to name a few, were leveraged.
Designed to provide enhanced UX, the web application provided a customizable toolset and a flexible interface. Additionally, the application embedded critical results management and reporting templates. The native solution offered high performance in both local and remote environments. The design included future support for streaming technology to rapidly deliver images from servers when they aren’t cached on workstations..
The application had options for administrative tools to help define user preferences and set access.

Client Benefits:

Technology Stack:

A Leading Healthcare Company Maximizes Efficiency and Collaboration with its Customized Web Application