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Case Study
A Waste and Recycling Services Company Strengthens IT Infrastructure Management and Security With Bulk MFA Implementation

We are very happy with Trigent’s approach towards the MFA configuration and Implementation process.

About the Client

The client is a US-based waste and recycling services company headquartered in Florida. It constantly crafts customized and environmentally conscious solutions to cater to the needs of commercial and industrial customers. With a major focus on delivering economical and sustainable solutions as well as responsive and personalized service, the company helps businesses and communities thrive. The company serves a diverse customer base with customer service, safety, and regulatory compliance as utmost priorities.

Business Challenge

The company has operations across four states in the US and offers solutions specific to customer needs. Their IT systems were modified to support remote working to ensure business continuity. The company also opted to expand its digital footprint with Mobile Computing for its employees, partners, and stakeholders for faster communications. These measures expanded the threat surface and added new vulnerabilities to their systems.
The client needed to update its security protocols and introduce solutions to ensure data security and application integrity. The desired outcomes were:

Trigent Solution

To enhance its IT infrastructure and application security, scalability, and responsiveness, the company decided to partner with Trigent. With a dedicated team of domain IT experts, Trigent developed a centralized Offshore Delivery Center.

Leveraging the Microsoft Secure Score Assessment tool, the team conducted in-depth research on the company’s security posture with regard to current identity, data, devices, applications, and infrastructure as a part of Trigent’s Discovery plan. The team then identified and created a roadmap to fill in the existing gaps in the company’s IT security.

Leveraging the m365 tenant feature and Azure AD, the company deployed a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution to improve its identity security. MFA implementations enabled the employees to access company-specific data on their phones anytime, anywhere, with a single touch of approval.

Microsoft’s Portal ( was leveraged for the Azure Ad changes MFA configurations. This enabled the company’s IT team to delete the company-specific data from a centralized portal if an employee lost their device.

Leveraging Trigent’s IT infrastructure security services, the company was also able to implement.

Additionally, the team enabled the company to implement apt governance, and policy changes and make adequate system configurations in accordance with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark.

Client Benefits:

By strengthening its IT infrastructure security, the company was able to:

Technology Stack:

A Waste and Recycling Services Company Strengthens IT Infrastructure Management and Security with Bulk MFA Implementations