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Case Study
Audio Equipment Manufacturer Improves Operational Efficiency and Global Collaboration Through an Advanced Web Application

About the Client

The client is a renowned audio electronics company established in 1925. The company is particularly famous for its high-quality microphones, headphones, and audio equipment professionals and audiophiles use worldwide. The company’s products are known for their durability and innovative features and are especially famous for gracing iconic recordings and live performances of world-renowned artists including Elvis Presley and Beyoncé.

Business Challenge

The company faced multifaceted challenges within its operational framework. The primary obstacle was the need for a sophisticated web application to address the complexities of their global operations. The company’s initial application was developed using Angular, Node, and NestJS. However, the application’s scope had to be extended to facilitate global users uploading and sharing specific file formats (shim files). These files contained critical RF frequency details and were crucial for setting up events in arenas, where multiple events or conferences could be planned simultaneously at the same location, each utilizing different frequencies.
The client sought a comprehensive solution to facilitate seamless collaboration, ensuring users could download and use these files to plan events effectively.
Additionally, the company sought an organization management portal to associate users with roles and permissions and establish a license portal displaying licenses and associated device details. The company also aimed to enhance organizational efficiency and compliance through this intricate licensing system.
In summary, the audio equipment manufacturer’s business challenges encompassed the following key areas:
Global File Sharing: To enable users worldwide to upload, share, and visualize RF frequency details in shim files.
Organizational Portal: To develop a portal for creating and managing organizations, associating users with roles and permissions.
License Portal: Implement a portal displaying licenses associated with organizations and mapping device details to those licenses.
Event Planning: Facilitate global collaboration by allowing users to create, upload, and share files for planning events with different frequencies in arenas.

Trigent Solution

To resolve the client’s business challenges, Trigent implemented a web application hosted on AWS featuring Angular, Node, and NestJS in its tech stack. The solution maintained the integrity of the existing tech stack with tools such as VS Code, JIRA, BitBucket, Confluence, Contour, and Figma being used in the development environment. Trigent’s web application addressed the need for a global file-sharing platform with enhanced capabilities, allowing users to upload RF frequency details, tag them to specific locations, and use the information for planning events in arenas. Moreover, the advanced organizational portal allowed users to be assigned relevant roles and permissions for specific tasks.
The outcome was a comprehensive solution that aligned with the client’s requirements, enhancing their capabilities in audio technology management.

Client Benefits:

Trigent’s strategic implementation of a cutting-edge web application on AWS, featuring Angular, Node, and NestJS, significantly elevated the company’s capabilities in audio technology management. Key benefits included:

Technology Stack: