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Case Study
HD Fleet exceptionally scales its business leveraging Trigent AXLR8 Labs

If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t be in business.

— Doug Oppenheimer, COO, HD Fleet

About the Client

HD Fleet provides SaaS-based solutions to organizations that want to keep track, monitor, and regulate their fleet. The camera-driven solutions use video telematics to enable real-time remote tracking and monitoring of vehicles from a single screen. HD Fleet provides an all-encompassing tracking and monitoring solution that includes software and hardware. The ISV offers a variety of camera options that can be fitted into the interior, exterior, side, or rear and can be enabled in a single installation.

Business Challenge

Businesses invest a good amount of capital in procuring and maintaining their fleet. Managers are under a lot of stress maneuvering and staying up to date on the vehicles plying on the road. In many instances, it is a double whammy for managers who not only have to worry about the safety of their vehicle but also ensure no damage or harm is caused to the goods or people in transit.

As a boutique solutions company, delivering enhanced CX was paramount. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the HD Fleet desired to navigate the road to scale its business with slim budgets and tight deadlines and become a category leader. HD Fleet sought a team of experts to develop a cloud-enabled mobile application and web solution that could enable 24/7 remote and safe monitoring of the entire fleet, which could help safeguard vehicles from any contingency.

Trigent Solution

Trigent’s engagement with HD Fleet developed through an initial phase of advisory services. The organization laid out an end-to-end plan for a cloud-based fleet monitoring solution. Leveraging Trigent AXLR8 Labs, HD Fleet developed a flexible, cost-effective solution would ensure agility and high-quality video capture and render on the mobile or a computer screen, thus providing managers with a real-time view of the vehicles and the drivers.
HD Fleet’s lean in-house team was augmented with Trigent’s team of seasoned experts to manage the overall development and quality. Trigent’s ninja team enabled the core team to develop a comprehensive solution that included:
Furthermore, the solution addressed some of the pressing challenges such as:

Client Benefits:

The cost-effective solution developed leveraging Trigent AXLR8 Labs enabled HD Fleet to fast forward their technological breakthrough and :

Technology Stack:

Cloud enabled video telematics solution for real-time vehicle tracking