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Case Study
End-To-End Agile Testing Helps an International Human Rights Agency Save Testing Efforts by 70%

Trigent has become a very integral part of our Salesforce build team. The team learned our product pretty quickly, and that was quite impressive because this is probably one of the most complex builds. Their teams’ ability to comprehend without us giving an enormous amount of time to learn was incredible.

About the Client

The client is an international, anti-slavery organization focused on human rights and law enforcement agency. The global organization works to combat sex trafficking, slavery, child abuse, cybersex trafficking, and forced labor to save victims, deter criminals, and decrease violence.

Business Challenge

The client used a combination of custom applications and multiple SaaS platforms for fundraising, case management, investigations, and collaboration amongst employees across Africa, Latin America, India, South East Asia, and Europe. The implementations in these systems varied by country and project; the data was owned and maintained by individual program units and had a complex structure. This posed a massive challenge in the exchange of information across programs and global incident management efforts. For seamless collaboration and better data quality for improved decision making, the client wanted an integrated portal with advanced customization, so they migrated to Salesforce CRM.
The initial phase of transforming about 130 business processes took about a year. There were over 35 high-impact processes that contained complex business rules and workflows with limited decentralization. The initial phase needed to provide quantified, undeniable data for program measures and evaluation.
The client sought a partner who could:

Trigent Solution

Trigent was tasked with testing and performing overall QA efforts to ensure the implemented business processes work reliably and accurately in over 20 countries. Therefore the first step was for Trigent to go beyond technology and deeply understand the client’s business processes and programs. This step was decisive in their choice of Trigent to help manage the new standardized processes and thoroughly test their Salesforce instances to align with their transformational goals.
Trigent analyzed the business risk associated with the specific systems being migrated to Salesforce and prepared a testing methodology. As a result, the team ensured compatibility of the new/upgraded application with different field office practices, and the data flow between various business functions did not break under any condition.
The team used Dell Boomi to securely transform sensitive data from the legacy application, eliminating manual data entry. was customized, existing business rules, processes, and data were migrated. Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud were used to facilitate customer relationship management to provide a 360-degree view of the victims and criminal cases.
Trigent prepared an agile testing methodology to improve the overall test coverage. Different levels of testing were conducted (Unit testing, Functional testing, Regression, and Integration testing) to improve overall coverage.

Traceability was ensured by:
A suite of regression tests was built to ensure rapid development of applications without compromising on quality. The test suite helped the team attain an engineering score reflecting overall maturity between the Development, Test, and Operations functions.
Bug status was reported by leveraging functional and integration testing that identified potential roadblocks, ensured data consistency, and checked data duplicity.

Client Benefits:

Adequate QA efforts led to:

Technology Stack:

End-to-end agile testing helps an international human rights agency save testing efforts by 70%