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Case Study
How Trigent’s EDC Model Reshaped IT Operations in the US


As the IT landscape is continuously evolving, organizations demand a stable, efficient, and flexible workforce that propels their business to new heights. This case study delves into overcoming the challenges confronted by the client that revolve around operational costs and workforce stability. Through this strategic collaboration with Trigent’s EDC (Extended Delivery Centre) model, remarkable outcomes such as cost efficiency, scalability, statutory compliance, data security, and 24/7 productivity were achieved.

About the Client

The client is one of the prominent IT Service organizations headquartered in the US with an end clientele from diverse industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial, banking, and insurance. The client provides end-to-end IT solutions for these clients. They are always in need of cutting-edge technologies to cater to their clients’ needs. They partnered with Trigent Professional Services, a trusted IT staffing solution provider, and set up an Extended Delivery Centre (EDC).

Business Challenge

A trailblazing software development company grappled with multiple challenges such as limited onshore talent availability, a stable and reliable workforce, rising payroll costs, project delays due to time zone differences, maintaining data security and statutory compliance, etc. To address these challenges the client wanted to set up an extended office in India without having to invest in setting up a physical office. The Trigent EDC model emerged as a preferred solution.

Trigent Solution

Trigent with its vast experience in the global market for over 28 years in operating offshore engagements, took this challenge as an opportunity. We have developed a deep understanding of our client’s processes, products, and delivery methodologies. We meticulously studied their workflows, identified areas for optimization, and aligned our approach to their specific requirements then came up with innovative solutions that included setting up the necessary infrastructure (broadband, phone lines, routers, switches, links), physical workstations, servers (application servers, database, mail servers, exchange servers), dedicated HR, recruitment, admin, and IT support that aligns with their project goals.
Trigent’s innovative solutions were a holistic approach, that enabled the said organization to overcome challenges efficiently, setting the stage for a transformative offshore engagement.

The Outcome

The client was relieved of the complexities associated with establishing a legal entity. They gained access to the top-notch talent that can scale the team sizes up and down as per project requirements, and most significantly reduced operational costs.
The strategic partnership between the client and Trigent Professional Services brought remarkable outcomes.
  • Access to a Diverse Skillset: With Trigent’s EDC model, the client gained access to a diverse skillset that was previously challenging, leading to the project’s success.
  • Cost Efficiency: By collaborating with offshore teams, the client leveraged a cost-efficient labor market that significantly reduced operational costs and improved overall process quality.
  • Statutory Compliance: Trigent’s EDC model ensured statutory compliance, relieving the client from the complexity of local regulations and risks of compliance failures.
  • Flexible Teams: With a global offshore team, the EDC model allows flexible scaling of teams based on the project’s changing requirements. The client can expand the team for large-scale projects or scale down during slow periods.
  • 24*7 Productivity: Trigent presence in India provides a time zone advantage, ensuring round-the-clock productivity without any project delays. The client benefitted from continued work on their projects even when their in-house teams were not active.
  • Enhanced Data Security: The EDC model implemented stringent data protection measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the client’s sensitive data, compliant with GDPR regulations.
Our ability to adapt to the client’s unique requirements garnered significant appreciation. What initially began as a modest 4-member EDC team serving a single location has blossomed into a robust team of over 30 professionals, now supporting seven client locations across the US. As the project’s scope expanded, the client has consistently expanded their offshore staff as well. This successful engagement has also paved the way for a multitude of other promising partnerships with this client, exploring various mutual interests across the region.

Client Benefits:

How Trigent’s EDC Model Reshaped IT Operations in the US