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Case Study
Intelligent Automation Leveraging Power Automate Enables a Legal Services Organization to Improve its Productivity by 40%

About the Client

The client is an established legal services organization offering a wide range of services that includes local and national court reporting, process services, registered agent services, and legal talent outsourcing, to name a few. The organization delivers highly responsive services with innovative and powerful technology for legal, insurance, and corporate leaders. Established in 1987, the organization is entrusted with mission-critical support functions from customers across the US, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, and East Asia.

Business Needs

The court reporting services of the organization cater to a wide range of litigation practice areas. The organization aims to use technology to make the scheduling process agile and give its customers access to their deposition materials while providing a seamless remote experience.

Furthermore, the interactive, real-time court reporting enables transcript and annotation reports to be created in real-time and shared with colleagues, co-counsel, experts, and clients. With over 100K depositions taken annually and 1 million documents served to their clients at a national and international scale – Accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of the reports are imperative and should be the cornerstone of the organization.

Business Challenge

With 60% of all occupations having automated at least 30% of their activities in the US, this legal services organization, a forward-thinking company, aspired to self-disrupt. The organization aimed to develop a solution that would enable them to become more agile in their operations and serve their customers with high-quality transcripts and reports validated at a much more in-depth level.

The existing solution was built on a legacy application that had accrued technical debt. To automate quickly and securely, boost efficiency, and enhance workflows, the organization aspired to develop a solution that would:

To maintain its 98% completion rate, the organization looked for a solution to quickly and easily build workflows and templates to reduce repetitive tasks.

Trigent Solution

The organization invested in an advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to modernize and extend its capabilities. The organization partnered with Trigent to develop an end-to-end intelligent automation solution integrating Digital Process Automation (DPA) with RPA. Trigent’s team expeditiously participated in a rigorous knowledge transfer to understand the organization’s processes.

The team built an intelligent automation solution on Windows Operating System (OS) framework leveraging Microsoft Power Automate. Trigent’s experts effectively replicated/reverse-engineered the existing automation processes and converted them using modern automation techniques, thus scaling up the process functionalities.

RPA led low-code

The RPA-led, low-code solution enabled the organization to import their transcripts to the transcript management platform leveraging the RealLegal E-transcript manager. Furthermore, Power Automate and Reallegal E-Transcript Bundle Viewer enabled the conversion of over 1 million documents into various formats such as American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII), Rich Text Format (RTF), PDFs, and condensed PDFs.


To accelerate its voluminous tasks while scheduling the RPA processes, the organization desired to enable bots that executed the entire process independently, following a rule-based completion. The dynamic solution operated on a preset schedule wherein workflows triggered in the background based on events that occurred and then ran at any time in the cloud.

Client Benefits:

Integrating the DPA with RPA leveraging Power Automate has enabled the organization to:

Technology Stack:

Intelligent Automation Leveraging Power Automate Enables a Legal Services Organization to Improve its Productivity by 40%