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IoT Connecting the Dots for Improved Customer Experience and Business Transformation

Trigent helped us build a web-based application with interactive, user-friendly interfaces which empowers us to streamline our processes and transform our business for an energy-efficient future.

About the Client

The client is a global technology leader in indoor air solutions for demanding spaces. They develop and provide solutions for commercial and public facilities, healthcare institutions, laboratories, professional kitchens, restaurants, energy production environments, and marine vessels. The company aims to create comfortable and safe indoor environments that have energy-efficient and sustainable life cycles.
A key offering by the client to the global food chains is an energy and maintenance proprietary technology, designed to ensure memorable customer experiences with safe, comfortable and productive indoor environments that are energy-efficient and comply with sustainable principles.

Business Needs

The client’s energy and maintenance portal was developed using Adobe FlashTM technology that posed several limitations.
The client wanted the portal to support a customized, automated, and responsive design that works across multiple browsers and devices.


The current application certainly needed a visual facelift. Our discovery engagement with our client revealed that the application also failed in terms of its core functionalities and user experience.
Due to the lack of documentation Trigent’s team focused quite heavily on understanding the existing application and prepared a detailed document with recommendations on the new scalable architecture and technology stack.
Trigent’s technology team, backed by its domain expertise, created a multi-layered web-based application with an interactive UI, that can monitor and control remote IoT device in commercial kitchens.
The energy management application empowers the facility managers to:

Client Benefits:

The smart application deployed using cloud infrastructure has benefited the client in several ways:

Technology Stack: