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JOOR’s Enterprise-Quality Application Enables Fashion Brands to Digitally Showcase Their Collections to 380K+ Retailers Globally

Trigent ensured that our technology solution could drive greater customer loyalty, higher lifetime value, and long-term revenue while reducing the cost to serve.

About the Client

JOOR is driving transformation in digital wholesale shopping for the global fashion industry. The platform connects brands to retailers, combines virtual showrooms with collaborative tools and offers options for purchase, payment and fulfillment. Based out of New York City with operations across 150 countries, JOOR connects over 13,300+ brands and 380,000+ retailers and processes $2B+ GMV of wholesale transactions every month.

Business Needs

JOOR’s platform needed to support its robust global and vertical expansion. They aspired to accelerate innovation and provide industry leading solutions to service their worldwide network of brands and retailers. The solution needed to scale in capacity and capability across core functions of wholesale buy and sell process, including discovery, connection, collaboration, transaction and payments.

Business Challenge

JOOR faced challenges with legacy application that powered the brand – retailer interactions. Manual information updates were error-prone, required checks, introduced delays that resulted in high turnaround times, inventory build up and some cancellations. Off-the-shelf (OTS) solutions lacked the required features and offered limited support for third party integrations.

They required a bespoke solution with an open architecture to digitize all aspects of the brand – retailer interaction, automate processes and augment it with best-in-class virtual showrooms and robust mobile in-market tools. A secure and flexible API framework was core to seamless integration with IT systems used by the brands and retailers.

Trigent Solution

JOOR opted to revamp its legacy systems with Custom Mobile Applications designed for its specific needs. To address this, Trigent assembled a team of tech experts, retail domain specialist, business analyst and solution architects. The team undertook an intense two-week discovery effort to understand the company’s current systems, data flows and processes. It encapsulated a series of collaborative discussions regarding software architecture, and technical stack, amongst other aspects.

With Trigent’s technical expertise, the company transformed/revamped the legacy application into a modern, reliable, and scalable application. The enterprise-quality application was insight-driven, well-integrated, easy to use, seamless, and agile. With Python as the development environment, the team built software architecture using the Django framework.


Trigent’s architects and developers created an integration layer leveraging XML, JSON, CSV, EDI-832, and EDI-850, that supported multiple API versions with backward compatibility. The integration layer allowed brands and retailers to update their requirements directly onto the system. Using CouchDB and PostgreSQL, the responsive web application empowered the client’s customers to update information in real-time, manage orders and validate data to provide accurate and reliable information.

The web application was also enhanced with a responsive design for mobility and could be used across devices. Additionally, Trigent’s versatile API framework enabled JOOR to integrate with the diverse IT systems employed by its partners. This Integration-As-A-Service (IaaS) model enabled JOOR to onboard new brands and retailers faster.

The tightly integrated application was tested thoroughly. Industry best practices such as Secure HTTP and OAuth authentication were used to secure information exchange. A robust rule set, such as each client being provided with a unique user ID (UID), access token requests, and intricate data request validation based on rules provided by JOOR, ensured that import errors were reduced to near zero.

Client Benefits:

As a result of establishing a well-defined integration layer, JOOR was able to:

Technology Stack: