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Next-Gen CMS Application Enhances Customer Experience for an Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Company While Optimizing its Existing Technological Investments

Trigent’s management of the project was fantastic. We have worked with several development teams, and having someone who can actually translate your business requirements into technology is an incredibly important and rare talent.

About the Client

The client is a Georgia-based manufacturer of specialty chemicals and a one-stop solutions provider for industrial and institutional markets. The company’s chemists and biologists work in tandem with the sales team to provide its customers with the product and services available in the areas of lubrication, water and wastewater treatment, food processing chemicals, material handling, dust suppression, specialty hardware, industrial safety equipment, maintenance chemicals and equipment, and expert application services.

Business Challenge

The current platform technology and associated Content Management System (CMS) were ill-suited to the growing business demands. Alternative off-the-shelf solutions had limited APIs to integrate 3rd party software or support the use of existing application components as desired by the client. A versatile, scalable, and extensible system to support the growth was essential.

To provide a simple, yet unified customer experience, the client opted to design a bespoke solution around an advanced Content Management System and Web applications for order and product data management. To maximize earlier investments, select systems were to be retained and needed to integrate with the new core.

The next-gen application aimed to:

Provide its sales team a single view of all orders
Offer real-time insights on product sales for demand-focused promotions
Be an enterprise-grade Cloud application for anywhere access
Have an omnichannel user interface to receive, process, and execute orders

Trigent Solution

To develop this bespoke solution for a seamless and contemporary digital experience, the company partnered with Trigent. Trigents’ domain expertise enabled them to expeditiously understand the company’s specific software requirements, existing data flows, and processes. A series of collaborative discussions regarding software architecture, upgrades, and enhancements needed for contemporary technology, among others, were included in the discovery phase.

Trigent integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 into the company’s existing CRM platform for a unified customer experience. The custom integration unified all the existing platforms, such as the company’s official website, a site showcasing instructional and educational videos, and the Content Management System application.

Leveraging Trigent’s Product Engineering expertise, the company developed its foremost next-gen Content Management System that was both seamless and well-integrated. The team transformed the legacy applications into a modern, scalable Cloud Native application. The enterprise-quality application was insight-driven, well-integrated, seamless, and agile.

Additionally, for improved efficiency, and simplicity, enterprise-level integration of several disparate systems such as Mail Gun, Matomo, and Google Maps was done into the Content Management System’s framework. The seamless integration ensured continuous scalability, seamless performance, and reliability, thereby reducing uncertainty and risk.

The robust bespoke Content Management System streamlined and simplified the company’s workflow and provided a contemporary and connected digital experience in the following areas:

User Management
Order Management
Product Information Management
Promotion Management
Lead Management

The software architecture was built on the PHP Laravel framework, and tools such as HTML5, VUE.JS, and CSS3 were used as the UI layer.

High-Level Application Architecture
By leveraging MySQL, sales-specific dashboards were created to provide valuable insights regarding monthly sales as well as active and inactive leads that helped the team expand their customer reach.

Client Benefits:

With seamless integrations between contemporary web applications and the core underlying systems creating a world of possibilities, the client is now able to:

Technology Stack: