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Next-Gen Impact Monitoring System Ensures Transformational Football Coaching and Improved Training Techniques

The platform that Trigent built for us was convenient and information-rich. Throughout the project, the team was organized, dedicated, and reliable.

About the Client

The client is an experienced medical device and consumer health product design and development partner that helps different organizations transform their complex ideas into game-changing commercial solutions. Established in early 2000, the organization has evolved into a commercialization engine. Through its cutting-edge knowledge of product development, science, data, analytics, and commercialization know-how, the organization creates its products as well as assists and guides several organizations and innovators in the product development and product commercialization process.

Business Challenge

The client has had a long association with an American sports equipment manufacturer that has been a market leader in designing and developing protective headgear and accessories for nearly eight decades. The client’s pioneering technology, Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) System that measures impact and gathers data collected from a head hit, has been an integral feature of the American sports equipment company’s football helmets and has been extensively used in monitoring head impacts in the American football players (from college teams to professional teams).

Using product design, applied research, and software development capabilities, the client aimed at differentiating the smart helmets in the market through advanced sensing and communications.

To meet the growing player safety expectation, the client sought assistance to develop a convenient, information-rich next-gen impact monitoring system that enables coaches and sideline staff to identify opportunities to proactively influence a player’s behavior and enhance the quality of player protection through predictive analytics.

Additionally, the gen-next impact monitoring system also needed to:

Trigent Solution

To meet the customer expectations and obtain real-time, processed data with actionable information, anytime, anywhere, the client decided to undertake an innovative approach to transforming/upgrading their existing InSite Training Tool (ITT).

The client partnered with Trigent to design and develop the next-gen impact monitoring system-InSite Training Tool (ITT) 2.0 by leveraging several tools such as ReactJS, and ECMA-262. The web-based, information-rich data module is used to build player impact profiles that a coach may use to proactively identify opportunities to influence player behavior through training techniques and practice plans.

To enhance user experience, Trigent helped the client create a next-gen view of Practice Planner, a core feature of the ITT platform instrumental in creating practice schedules and projecting levels of contact. The next-gen view provided the coaches with a clearer understanding of when a player may be exposed to a head impact.

With the help of ReactJS, Nodejs, Express JS, Highcharts, and PostgreSQL, the next-gen impact monitoring system (ITT 2.0) collected, consolidated, and analyzed the data to provide predictive analytics to the coaches and sideline staff. The client also implemented CI/CD model using Jenkins for regular product iterations and updates.

Additionally, a native Android mobile app was developed and included several features such as QR code scan, real-time player statistics, and push notifications.


Ensuring informed coaching and improved training techniques through predictive analytics

Client Benefits:

With continuous technological innovations made to helmets, approximately 86% of the NCAAD1-FBS players wore the American sports equipment manufacturer’s smart helmets during 2020. The gen-next impact monitoring system enabled the client to achieve the following significant milestones:

Technology Stack: