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Optimize Insurance Operations with Event-Driven Architecture for Peak Performance

About the Client

The client is a well-known, technology-enabled, independent company specializing in insurance protection and financial well-being solutions. With a vast network of agents serving clients across all 50 states and a robust corporate team of over 150 professionals, the company is committed to establishing enduring connections with American families and tailoring life insurance solutions to address their changing requirements.

Business Challenge

The client’s portfolio included a diverse array of operational applications, necessitating a comprehensive solution for inter-application communication, particularly when modifications were made to critical business objects. The central challenge was integrating these applications to optimize communication and data-sharing capabilities.
Additionally, challenges from the initial implementation manifested as race conditions and unaddressed dependencies, adversely affecting overall system performance.Triggers from applications occurred randomly, delaying resolution. To enhance communication, the client aimed to implement an event-driven architecture that would trigger responses when an event occurred so that it could be resolved promptly. This strategic shift aimed to rectify existing issues and fortify the communication infrastructure, ensuring efficient and effective operation across their applications.
The specific objectives included:

Trigent Solution

Trigent quickly understood the client’s business operations, their software applications, and the integration of these applications to contribute effectively to application enhancements.
Technical Expertise: Trigent deployed eight developers with expertise in various technologies, including PHP/Laravel, .NET, and Python, to work on the client’s applications, aligning with the client’s business needs under a time and material contract.
Refactoring and Performance Enhancement: Trigent refactored the existing codebase to optimize Azure-based solutions, resulting in performance improvements. This initiative also included providing a roadmap for future eventing architecture needs for the client.
Azure-based Solutions and Docker: Trigent leveraged Azure-based solutions and Docker for newer deployments, aligning with the client’s requirements and technological needs.
Rapid Problem Solving: Trigent delivered quick solutions to address the client’s immediate requirements, demonstrating the ability to adapt to their needs swiftly.
Eventing Architecture Enhancement: Trigent proposed and is actively implementing improvements in eventing architecture, enhancing the client’s ability to deliver better services at a more cost-effective rate.

Client Benefits:

Technology Stack: