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Case Study
Real Estate Firm in the US Rolls Out Next-Gen Features on Their Property Management Application With 43% Cost Savings!

Trigent team has been incredibly professional and really demonstrated a sensitivity to what we’re trying to accomplish.

About the Client

The client is a veteran-owned US small business, who provides community revitalization services, rooted in data and technology, to public and private sector clients. Their core focus is to support and expand their award-winning software, a property management system developed to support property data management and property revitalization by local governments and land banks. It is the preferred software solution for 30+ customers across 15 states, tasked to put property back to productive reuse.

Business Needs

As a veteran-owned small business with limited technical resources, the client required a partner who could operate seamlessly as their extended Software Engineering team, improve the velocity of product updates, incorporate a fresh design perspective, while keeping development costs under control. The prevalent version of the property management software was developed in 2011 using JavaScript and ReactJS.
The partner needed to provide a team that had full-stack experience, AWS proficiency, had the ability to scale resources on-demand and is reliable with an established track record.

Business Challenge

The business application, originally developed in 2011 needed updates to the product based on user feedback, staff recommendations, and changes in the marketplace. The critical priorities for the business included:
The client desired to implement an agile development process, where customers feedback could be addressed rapidly, enable a 24×7 experience for their Community Site while being prudent in managing their technology investments.

Trigent Solution

Project Scope & Discovery

At the outset, Trigent had to contend with an abrupt transition that warranted an intense three-week discovery phase to understand the original design and decipher the software architecture and the code structure with almost no documentation or support from the previous vendor.
Together with the client, Trigent identified all pending issues and prioritized their resolution. Simultaneously, a thorough review of the CX resulted in a set of recommendations for UI improvements. A holistic project plan with detailed deliverable milestones, corresponding resource requirements balanced with their budget considerations was finalized.

Application Development & Quality Assurance

A seven member team comprising a Chief Architect, a Front and Backend developer, an AWS Infrastructure Developer, a Mobile Developer, a Security Developer, and a QA Engineer was identified.

The new product architecture is based on a AWS Cloud Core that supports 3 applications – A Web Application for Customers, a Mobile Application and an external accessible Community Site. 22 individual product instances with four different technology environments spread across 10 modules were migrated to the new architecture. An overview of the current Product and its key modules is illustrated below.

The solution integrated third-party products like Google Maps for GIS, Zillow, CartoDB, and others using secure, yet scalable APIs that result in a scalable yet resilient operation.
To accelerate the pace of innovation, the team is geographically spread out that allows for round the clock development, testing and releases. This allowed the client to rollout additional features within the existing budget constraints.

Product Deployment, Operations, and Support

Since commencing the project in 2019, Trigent provides ongoing product development services, continuous enhancements to the Customer Experience, optimize their Cloud infrastructure, assure product quality and extend application support services as required.

The elastic composition of the team allows the client to scale up resources or access specialized technical resources as needed on demand.

Client Benefits:

By providing accurate pricing predictions to the customer quote response, the AI/ML-powered model enabled the organization to:

Technology Stack:

Real estate firm in the US rolls out Next-gen features on their property management application with 43% cost savings!