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Revolutionizing Health and Safety Management with Custom Application Development for Haley & Aldrich

They were responsive to the issues we identified over the course of the development process. The initial rollout has been successful and has led to insights on future enhancements. The system is easy to use.

– Manager, Corporate Health & Safety

About the Client

Haley & Aldrich, Inc., founded in 1957, is a prominent environmental and geotechnical engineering consulting firm delivering tailored solutions across diverse industries. With 37 offices in the US, they play a crucial role in ensuring workforce safety on construction sites and environmental waste cleanup projects. Recognizing the vital need for comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) services, Haley & Aldrich’s consulting experts, skilled in regulatory compliance, sustainability, resiliency, and enterprise risk, actively assist clients in OSHA compliance, reinforcing their dedication to safety and regulatory standards.

Business Challenge

Haley & Aldrich’s primary challenge revolved around the development and implementation of crucial health and safety plans essential for their operations. These comprehensive plans encapsulated vital information, including emergency contacts, the scope of work, associated hazards, and necessary actions for mitigation.
Historically, plans were crafted manually leading to inaccuracies and diluted content; information from previous projects often crept in compromising the original intent, and errors due to human intervention were potentially compromising the accuracy and alignment with specific health and safety requirements of a given hazard. Their goal was to shift from this ad-hoc method to a systematic approach, ensuring content integrity and preventing the recycling of outdated information. The need for a robust quality control mechanism was clear, emphasizing accuracy and relevance in each health and safety plan.

Trigent Solution

Haley & Aldrich desired to develop and implement a system to capture and organize data on hazards, emergency information, tasks, permits, and forms while ensuring internal approvals for the final safety plans. They partnered with Trigent to design and implement a custom solution using SharePoint for data storage, SharePoint Designer for workflow implementation, Open XML for document generation, and Microsoft PowerShell for deployment.
The development process was meticulous, starting with a comprehensive concept and functionality development phase. Trigent’s flexibility and responsiveness played a pivotal role in navigating through the complexities of the project’s challenges, ensuring the successful implementation of the envisioned solution.
The robust application dashboard developed on SharePoint provided real-time visibility into the number and status of ongoing projects, revolutionizing their existing administrative perspective and enabling corporate-level tracking of project execution.
A pivotal shift was made in the workflow, with final review and approval now centralized at the corporate level. This replaced the previous practice done at local or regional levels, ensuring a more thorough understanding of project issues and enhancing document quality.
Unlike the previous one-size-fits-all model, the new tool acknowledged the dynamic nature of projects. It allows for scalability, accommodating variations in hazards, client requirements, regulatory factors, and scope of work. This flexibility ensures that generated documents, ranging from 30 to 100 pages, align precisely with project specifics.

Client Benefits:

Haley & Aldrich now boasts a centralized repository housing comprehensive project safety details, encompassing emergency information, hazard controls, training equipment specifics, task details, permits, and forms. This transformative initiative has ushered in several notable improvements:

Technology Stack: