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Case Study
SaaS Allows Business to Evolve Towards Digital Customer Engagement

An important aspect of Trigent’s value proposition was to provide unique experience and capabilities that were not available across other competing products.

About the Client

The client helps companies that auction, rent or otherwise manage physical assets through technology. Many of their clients are leaders in their fields. The physical assets managed by their clients are diverse, including fine art, automobiles, real estate, heavy equipment, livestock, commodities, collectibles and much more. All of these assets have financial importance and are central in various transactions, the client provides the technology that helps to optimize those transactions.

Business Needs

The client had a C++ thick-client application which worked only on Windows environment. Other applications integrated with the thick-client application through Corba channel messaging, which was slow and hard to maintain. The legacy application was required to work on Macintosh systems and mobile devices. Overall, the application was difficult to maintain, enhance and scale.


Trigent collaborated with client’s development team for a web-based solution rendering via web browsers. Trigent worked with the client in detailing the requirements, developing the overall solution architecture, coding the entire solution, supporting the user acceptance and production roll-out. Trigent continues to support the application and has been building several applications for the client and their customers.
A single instance shared database approach has been implemented for the client. This approach involves using one database and one schema to host multiple clients’ data.

Client Benefits:

Technology Stack:

SaaS allows business to evolve towards digital customer engagement