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Case Study
Seamless, User-Friendly Software for Stronger Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Trigent’s Cloud Transformation services empowered us with a flexible platform that enables easy customization and our customers can manage it without any technical intervention.

Customer Profile

The client specializes in software solutions that improve patient workflows and revenue management for hospitals and health systems. The company’s products plug the gaps in today’s revenue cycle, driving down the total cost of collections, while improving revenue capture and increasing physician, patient, and employee satisfaction. Established in 1998, the company continues to engineer technology solutions to serve patients, physicians, and the facilities that house them.

Business Challenge

The client’s solution is adopted by leading healthcare organizations to automate their operations cycle – from orders and registration to patient tracking and financial clearance without replacing their existing systems.
The client knew from experience that most healthcare companies had multiple applications spread across facilities. To ensure smooth workflow, the client had to install its software in each and every system, at times across multiple facilities. The client, therefore, wanted its platform to be enhanced with a logic tier which would act as an interface between a customer’s existing applications irrespective of their location and the presentation tier or user-interface. Also, the user interface had to be easy to use by non-technical people such as patients, physicians, finance personnel and so forth.
The platform had to eliminate paper files and automate information exchange, to provide a comprehensive, electronic snapshot of current patient status. The client’s customers stored records manually and the client needed the platform to follow a defined workflow to prevent duplication of data, and delays/errors in access and management of records.
The client therefore wanted its platform to be a seamless, user-friendly interface for its customers irrespective of the number of users, facilities or systems.

Trigent Services and Solution

Trigent’s Cloud Transformation services offered the client an N-tier architecture where data processing/management and presentation functions are physically and logically separated. This ensured that a customers’ applications would all be connected to the logic tier from where it would process commands, make decisions and evaluations and perform calculations. It would also move and process data between the applications and the presentation layer.
The application would be hosted in https, i.e. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure to ensure that all communications between the browser and the website are encrypted empowering users to access the platform internally and externally.
The application would be compatible with IE, Chrome & Firefox and the user interface provide views of facilities and different types of its operations making it user-friendly for non-technical users such as physicians, finance managers and so forth.
The flexible platform enables easy customization and customers can manage it without requiring technical intervention.

Client Benefits:

As a result of the new N-tier architecture, the client could on board customers faster and its customer base grew from 100 to 150 in less than Six (6) months.
The customization effort was minimized, leading to faster ramping up with minimal disruption to existing work.

Technology Stack:

Seamless, user-friendly software for stronger healthcare revenue cycle