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Case Study
Trigent's Application Engineering and Cloud Optimization Slashes StudentBridge's AWS Costs by 30%

About the Client

StudentBridge is a global EdTech leader headquartered in Atlanta, GA, known for crafting customized Student Enrollment Solutions to help higher education institutions exceed their enrollment targets. With a track record of assisting over 250 colleges and universities, they create engaging digital experiences for prospective students.
In today’s digital age, where students often make college decisions online, StudentBridge develops innovative tools such as video Viewbooks, interactive campus maps, and immersive virtual events to create a compelling first impression. Their comprehensive, one-stop-shop approach incorporates award-winning video production, mobile communications, campus visit solutions, and data analytics. By merging storytelling with cutting-edge technology, StudentBridge redefines how institutions connect with students.

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Business Challenge

As a cloud-first company and AWS client, StudentBridge utilizes over 20+ AWS services, including S3, SNS, EC2, EKS, and RDS. As the company scaled organically and through acquisitions, the different tech stacks, diverse application architectures, and multiple Cloud instances resulted in a mash-up that led to inefficiencies, complexity, duplication, and resultant cost escalation. It posed a significant hurdle in maximizing the potential benefits of their AWS services, necessitating a strategic intervention for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Compounding the challenge was the absence of a comprehensive architecture diagram, hindering a clear understanding of their cloud infrastructure.
Using AWS’s Well-Architected expertise, Trigent reviewed the systems and applications and identified multiple high-cost elements. Additionally, there were inefficiencies in utilizing Twilio, a messaging infrastructure, leading to higher messaging costs.
Before Trigent’s engagement, StudentBridge operated within a complex technological environment resulting from inorganic growth. On the AWS front, they used hundreds of Kubernetes containers and lacked visibility into their use. The front end utilized Stencil.js 1.9.0 and Ionic 5.3.1, while the back end consisted of 27 microservices running on Ruby on Rails and Python. Trigent initiated an effort to resolve the technical debt, optimize cloud infrastructure costs, and update the outdated components of the system.

Trigent Solution

Keeping pace with the rapid innovations in cloud technology and realizing the potential benefits is challenging for most tech-savvy companies. Trigent leveraged strategic technical solutions to address StudentBridge’s business challenges and align with the project. The key solutions included:

AWS Architecture Analysis:

AWS Application Reliability Engineering and Cloud Optimization:

Serverless Architecture Optimization:

Client Benefits:

The Trigent-led transformation project brought about a significant positive impact on StudentBridge’s business. These substantial benefits were supported by tangible metrics, underscoring the project’s effectiveness.