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Trigent’s Customer Experience Testing Provides a Responsive, Omnichannel Customer Experience for Pet Care Businesses

The team was able to understand our application quickly and deliver exactly what was required. They are an organized team who get the job done.

About the Client

A public limited American company that operates as an online marketplace for pet care services, including pet sitting, boarding, and walking. The company believes that everyone deserves the unconditional love of a pet, and its mission is to make it easier for all to experience that love.
Founded in 2011, the company’s mobile and web application connects dog and cat parents with a network of pet caregivers in neighborhoods across the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. They empower a community of trusted pet caregivers to run their businesses with the tools and security of a global company to support them.

About the Application - Loving Pet Care inYour Neighborhood

The application allows pet parents to search for booking and tracking services for pets.
The key features of the application are —
Search for pet caregivers: By reading verified reviews given by end customers, a pet parent may choose a sitter who would be an excellent match for their pets

Booking and paying for the services: Booking and payment of services are made through the mobile or web application

Business Challenge

The global pet care market was USD 232 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow over 6.1% CAGR between 2021 and 2027. Trust and customer experience are paramount in this industry as pet owners treat their pets like family.
To provide a superior customer experience, it is essential to have a consistent omnichannel user interface and user experience (UI/UX) on both mobile and web applications. The company aspired to enhance its application features by leveraging new-age technologies to gain customer loyalty and increase market share.
In addition to functional CX enhancements, the application needed to:
Adhere to accessibility guidelines to meet the end-user needs of differently-abled
Ensure cross-browser, cross-platform compatibility
Reduce load/transition times and enhance performance

Trigent Solution

To enhance their QA capabilities, augment their team with specialist skills, and reduce the application’s time-to-market without compromising product quality, the company partnered with Trigent. Trigent ensured that all features of the application were comprehensively tested and devoid of regression issues.

Quality Strategy for Digital First Experience

Based on the company’s specific requirements, Trigent’s testing team defined the overall test strategy, the core elements of which were:
Zephyr was leveraged for the test case Management

Customer Experience Testing

The team focused on the following key essentials to achieve superior customer experience (CX).

Testing in real-life customer conditions — Leveraging tools such as Charles Proxy and Browserstack, to name a few, tests were conducted with different combinations of scenarios present in a customer’s real-life environments, for instance, internet connectivity, varying operating software, and locations.

Understanding customer (in-app) usage patterns such as —

Cross-device, Cross-browser Testing - The application was tested on different combinations of devices, OS, browser (versions) to ensure backward compatibility. The tests were performed using BrowserStack.

Functional and accessibility testing

Functional testing was done by designing extensive combinations and edge/hand-off scenarios to ensure maximum coverage of the application features. Based on the understanding of the application functionality, Trigent enhanced the existing release test plan for complete regression coverage.
To ensure accessibility compliance to meet the needs of differently-abled, the team performed a detailed Accessibility assessment of the web and mobile application for A and AA conformance (WCAG 2.1 guidelines).

Supporting Product Development

Trigent’s team went beyond the regular scope of testing and assessed the feasibility of the features as well as provided proactive feedback. The team provided feedback to make notification and error functionalities as well as labels accessibility compliant under test.

Client Benefits:

The testing efforts enabled the company to:

Technology Stack: