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Cloud Architecture Services

Bolster performance and outcomes backed by robust architecture
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/ Cloud Architecture Services

We help businesses adopt new-age cloud architectures and platforms that suit their requirements. Our expert team transforms businesses’ current cloud portfolio into a future-ready cloud. As a frontrunner in new-age cloud architectures and proficient with different clouds, we assess our customers’ cloud scenarios and recommend the best fit for them.

Bolster performance and outcomes, backed by robust architecture.

Service Offerings

Serverless Applications

Our serverless approach controls costs while leveraging serverless components and leaving all infrastructure management to the cloud provider. By harnessing the power of serverless architecture, we enable businesses to achieve the following benefits: Low barrier-to-entry, hostless, stateless, elastic, distributed, and event-driven.

Containerization of Services

We leverage container-based virtualization services on the cloud to deliver highly scalable applications by veiling underlying compute resources. We optimize it to deliver timely applications with high reliability, scalability, optimal resources, and agnostic deployment environments. Containerization services make applications scalable, distributed, portable, and independent.

Microservices-based Architecture Implementation

We enable businesses to transform their monolith applications into a set of microservices while overcoming challenges and ensuring a seamless transition. We take care of our customers’ cloud concerns and let them focus on their core business.

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Cloud Architecture Services