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The educational landscape is undergoing a profound transformation with traditional classrooms evolving into knowledge hubs that drive distributed learning. Combine Trigent solution frameworks for personalized lesson plans, dynamic assessments, hybrid classrooms for on-campus and remote learning with solutions for student safety, secure access to information or co-curricular activities for the competitive edge.

Our AI solution frameworks help to evaluate assignments, detect plagiarism, authenticate candidates taking remote assessments and digital proctoring that equips institutions to serve geographically distributed students. We prioritize security and privacy controls to manage student data and ensure robust protection in the digitized education landscape.

Join Trigent in reshaping education and build a future where innovation, customization, and security define the educational experience.

Our Solutions​

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Customize digital learning platforms for seamless user experience and efficiency.
Student Information Systems (SIS)
Student Information Systems (SIS)
Streamline admissions, profiles, schedules, report cards, attendance, and parent portal.
Learning Content Management Solutions (LCMS)
Learning Content Management Solutions (LCMS)
Enhance LMS with CMS for efficient course content storage, retrieval, and user-generated content support.
Virtual Classrooms
Virtual Classrooms
Virtual classrooms enable synchronous online sessions with multimedia tools, fostering interaction and recording.
Assessment Platforms
Assessment Platforms
Digitize assessment with authoring, marking, and online proctoring for secure, flexible testing experiences.
Big Data Integration, Analysis and Reporting tools
Big Data Integration, Analysis and Reporting tools
Leverage Trigent's data engineering for advanced educational app development, analyzing student skills and performance.

Embark on the future of education services with us!

Service Offerings

Bespoke LMS and SIS Development

Empower educators with cutting-edge educational technology tailored to their unique needs. Trigent specializes in customizing commercially available Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS), ensuring seamless integration and a personalized experience. Whether enhancing existing platforms or developing bespoke solutions from the ground up, our services prioritize innovation, customization, and security. Elevate interactive learning and optimize operational efficiency with Trigent’s expertise in reshaping education through tailored LMS and SIS solutions, built upon commercial frameworks or open-source models.

Collaborative Learning With Flexible Solutions

Educational institutions require collaborative learning spaces and secure, mobile-ready campuses with flexible and accessible education systems. Tailored for mobility, our educational applications are delivered on-demand to any device, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Our services focus on building flexible solutions to enhance seamless experiences for students, faculty, and staff.

Digital Security Solutions

Prioritize student safety with our robust digital security solutions. We go beyond providing safe internet access—our measures are designed to shield students from online threats, including cyberbullying. In addition, we’ve played a key role in developing a solution that effectively regulates visitor access to schools, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for students. Trust in our commitment to advancing student security, both online and within physical school premises.

Content Assurance Services

Ensure the integrity of your educational content with our Content Assurance service. We meticulously verify and validate all content linked to your LMS, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability. Our commitment to content assurance ensures that educators and students can rely on the information provided, fostering a learning environment built on trust and precision within your LMS.

System and Network Performance Management

Optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your educational ecosystem with our System and Network Performance Management services. We specialize in managing the intricate network and system demands associated with the vast volume of content, including course materials, assignments, and live class streaming. Our solution ensures seamless handling of these resources, guaranteeing optimal performance while keeping costs in check. Trust us to streamline your system and network infrastructure, providing a robust foundation for delivering educational content efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why Trigent?

Customized Solutions for Varied Needs: Tailored LMS, LCMS, and SIS

Comprehensive EdTech Portfolio

29 Years of Expertise in Digital Transformation

Innovation and Future-Proofing

Collaborative and Flexible Learning Environments

Product Studio to Design Web and Mobile Applications

Key Clients​

Case Studies


They were very hands-on, accepting of guiding us and providing their expertise where we lacked the knowledge. They were also very responsive to our questions and project changes. We never felt left out of the loop.
– Web Administrator, Wiley College

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