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The learning and development sector is undergoing a seismic change. Schools, colleges, skills training, corporate development programs, and vocational courses are rapidly working to adapt to the new expectations. Traditional approaches to pedagogy, instructional design, program delivery, and capability assessment are being challenged. Innovations in digital and communication technologies are a catalyst in facilitating change. The revolution goes beyond the classroom and extends to administrative, operations, and community activities.
They were very hands-on, accepting of guiding us and providing their expertise where we lacked the knowledge. They were also very responsive to our questions and project changes. We never felt left out of the loop.
– Web Administrator, Wiley College

Consequently, conventional features and capabilities of EdTech solutions for Learning Management Systems, Learning Content Management Systems, Student Information Systems, and Communities are inadequate to meet the new requirements. For example, Learning Content Management Solutions platforms traditionally contain a curated catalog of multimedia content, organized by subject and structured to fit with the curriculum.

In the new paradigm, support for exponential growth in user-generated content and material created by students and faculty will be needed. Access controls, content sharing, detecting plagiarism, and copyright management requirements will be extremely complex.

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Service Offerings

Education ISVs

Educators demand innovation, and ISVs have to launch state-of-art educational applications to make learning interactive or integrate technology to streamline operations. We help ISVs develop and deliver high-quality solutions that help educators to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Educational institutions need collaborative learning spaces and secure mobile-ready as well as a digital-ready campus that provides flexible and accessible education systems. Designed with mobility in mind, we deliver educational applications on-demand to any device, thereby creating a collaborative learning space. Our services help build flexible solutions and enhance seamless experiences for students, faculty, and staff.


Application Development Services

QA & Testing Services

Recognizing the needs of the evolving landscape, Trigent’s QA & Testing practice is structured to address the diverse requirements across the ecosystem.
The ability to visualize new use cases, define appropriate test strategies, and customer experience-led end-to-end tests with test automation are key to ensuring high quality for the new generation of EdTech Products.Continuous Testing of the new capabilities in the Learning Management Systems, Learning Content Management Systems, Delivery Platforms, Assessment Apps, and Community Applications needs to be combined with the end-to-end experience testing across the entire solution.
Trigent’s team of certified QA professionals are proficient in the latest tools and technologies. With agile processes for DevOps Testing and culture of Continuous Testing, we are your preferred partner for EdTech Solutions.


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Develop or customize your digital learning platforms with Trigent’s team of technology and EdTech professionals. We help you design and develop your purpose-built Learning Management Systems to organize courses, integrate them with appropriate course material, manage online classrooms, track online learning, assess student progress, and keep the activity records. Learning Management Systems solutions for corporates require automated user registrations, eLearning management, and delivery. Optimize the user experience for asynchronous self-learning course delivery without instructor assistance. Adapt user experience for instructor-led online learning for educational institutions.

Student Information Systems (SIS)

Student Information Systems (SIS) or School Management Solutions (SMS) aid in admissions, student & guardian profile data, related personal information, class schedules, report cards, attendance, and a parent portal. Depending on the operational structure, integrate school administration roles with the Learning Management Systems for course delivery or keep it independent for management by a separate function. Collaborate with our solutions team to find out the best option for your specific needs.

Learning Content Management Solutions (LCMS)

Learning Content Management Solutions, or simply Content Management Systems (CMS), is used in conjunction with Learning Management Systems to store and manage the content for the courses. Store course content as learning objects in a learning object repository database. These objects are described and tagged to be recalled and used by the course designers and faculty. Learning Content Management Solutions needs to support a variety of content object formats, including text, images, videos, whiteboard captures, and other multimedia material. The design should include user-generated content (UGC) support to future-proof your solution.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms are browser or desktop-based applications that provide a synchronous internet-based session for small or large groups and classes. They include a digital whiteboard for presentation and data sharing with interactive graphic tools. With support for video sharing, audio tools, and chat windows for instant messaging, students can interact with the instructor and among themselves. Recording allows students to view missed classes later.

Assessment Platforms

Digitize and streamline your assessment and testing experience–incorporate tools for authoring, marking, delivery, and analysis. Enable students with the flexibility to take a test from the comfort of home, with state-of-the-art biometric and imaging technologies to match the security of an in-person assessment model. Incorporate online proctoring solutions that let you digitally supervise and administer assessments over the internet, using AI facial recognition and the computer vision analysis of the web camera.

Big Data integration, analysis and reporting tools

To build cutting-edge educational applications, you can leverage the services of Trigent’s data engineering team to mine and analyze the data pertaining to student skills, performance, profile, and match it with industry needs, the efficiency of content objects used, instructor evaluations, course design, and delivery effectiveness and channel efficiency. Collate, segment, and process the data from across the different systems that can aid in the effective delivery of learning outcomes, which is the core function of any eLearning effort.

Functional testing

Our functional testing ensures that you deliver a high-quality customer experience.

Performance engineering

Ability to scale and adapt to surges or bursts in usage. Trigent’s performance testing will help you measure the performance of your applications under real-world and anticipated conditions by leveraging Trigent’s domain expertise in testing new-age applications powered by disruptive technologies.

Omnichannel experience

Ensure equitable access for all agnostic devices or networks. Tune in to what your customers are experiencing at every point with Trigent’s Connected Experience centric testing of services.

Security testing

Assure system integrity across the extended network. Our security testing services ensure that vulnerabilities are proactively and efficiently curtailed in line with prevailing compliance standards. Trigent’s wide range of security testing is holistic, comprehensive, and well-versed with new-age technologies, enabling secure and reliable applications.