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Smart Tech for Timely, Convenient, and Efficient Patient Experiences

Ensure enhanced quality of care for your patients with intelligent and cutting-edge solutions leveraging Cloud, IoT, GenAI, ML, and more. Combine technology innovation with process transformation and promote enhanced productivity, operational efficiency, and impeccable patient care.

Empower patients with self-care portals and bring care to the patient’s doorstep with connected data for hyper-personalized services.

Our Solutions​

Enhance the quality of patient experiences with our industry-specific solutions.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Remote Patient Monitoring
Deliver post-operative care and chronic illness treatment beyond the hospital with high-performance telehealth platforms, sensors, and wearables aiding caregivers for effective interventions
Clinical Decision Support
Clinical Decision Support
Assist Doctors to evaluate symptoms, diagnose the cause, prepare a custom treatment plan and prescribe medications factoring in patient history and drug efficacy using clinical data and case-based reasoning
Automated HMS Workflows
Automated HMS Workflows
Allow Clinician and Nursing staff to focus on quality of patient care and well being with Intelligent Process Automation that ensures timely, accurate clinical documentation, compliant with regulation requirements
Clinical Note Summarization
Clinical Note Summarization
Condense the information contained in medical records, patient stories, and clinical notes into a concise and coherent summary. Use Named Entity Recognition (NER) to identify and extract specific entities such as patient name, medical conditions, and medications
Medical Data De-Identification
Medical Data De-Identification
Isolate Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in medical records such as names, addresses, SSN, age, gender, and other details. Replace with pseudonyms or codes and encrypt the data when sharing for research or analysis purposes

Enhance the Quality of Patient Care with GenAI-powered solutions

Service Offerings

Secure APIs for EHR/EMR Integrations

Enable patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers to access and exchange information with a fully connected healthcare platform. Trigent’s Ninja team of tech and domain experts help you plan and implement HHS’ interoperability across EHR solutions from Epic, AllScripts, Cerner, Meditech, and Athena.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Healthcare Systems

As a healthcare provider, paperwork and administrative procedures are essential tasks that take your attention away from patient care. Ensure that your processes run seamlessly with Trigent’s RPA services.
Eliminate repetitive tasks with clinical and lab workflow automation. Our ninja team enables you to enhance your operational efficiency and data confidentiality, reduce cost, and, most importantly, allows you to focus on patients while we look to optimize your operations. Additionally, our bots are proficient in inventory management, billing, collecting siloed data for unified access, and scheduling patient appointments, thus leading to an error-proof CX for practitioners.

Application and Platform Development Services for Enhanced Engagements

Attain a patient-centric approach with our expertise in developing high-performing virtual healthcare platforms, cutting-edge patient monitoring solutions, and bespoke web and mobile applications.
Deliver impeccable quality of care at your patient’s doorstep with a robust platform that facilitates real-time interactions between patients and healthcare providers. Develop Patient Portals that monitor wearable device data and empower patients with tools for self-care. Deliver enterprise-quality security for remote access and much more. Our platforms and applications address the growing needs of consumers and health organizations, and can help you boost revenue, lower costs, enhance care coordination and access, drive engagement, and improve outcomes and experience.

Data Engineering to Transform the Healthcare Ecosystem

The digital health of your organization can only be sustained if the doctor can readily access the correct information at the right time. Be it the unstructured data from wearables, or data silos across EHR, LIMS, HMS, and insurance, our data engineering services specific to healthcare offers a suite of services that will help make data-driven medical decisions.
From DataOps, data visualization, ensuring compliance with patient data security to building a data warehouse, we are your one-stop solution for turning raw medical data into actionable insights. Armed with our ninja team, we are attuned to your core data challenges and equip you with tangible outcomes.

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Trigent Software’s work meets their client’s needs. While they took a bit of time to ramp up and become self-sufficient, the team is now able to execute their assigned tasks without a lot of hand-holding. Trigent Software offers a well-trained team that gets the job done well.
– Cyrus Patel, Lead QA Engineer, Rally Health

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