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Manufacturing Services

Power the man-machine symbiosis
Industry 5.0 combines the power of human discretion and machine-led automation to harness a new level of efficiency. The machine will take over mundane and repetitive tasks, enabling the workforce to focus on value addition and complex decision-making.
I would put Trigent in the top one or two percent of all software companies I’ve worked with for support, overall responsiveness, and quality of work! Trigent developed our complex inventory platform to help accurately track over 15 million issued catalogs per week. The application allowed us to view actual costs and profits across each job by collecting data on each area of the process — from layout to paper costs. It also automated data input, reducing manual tasks from a day and a half to 45 minutes. We are extremely satisfied and have to add that Trigent always delivered on time and within budget.

– Michael Martell, Systems Manager, Dingley Press

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Service Offerings

Predictive Maintenance

Let your workforce focus on value creation while we augment their maintenance capacity. Harnessing predictive analytics helps the workforce ensure the equipment and machinery consistently perform at optimal levels. It significantly reduces the impact of unplanned downtime, outages, and repairs, and extends the lifespan of machines. Predictive analytics enables continuous monitoring of machines through metrics. The constant datastream helps workers better understand and predict the performance of machines, enabling them to apply the insights thus derived to save time, money, and effort.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Trigent facilitates the seamless integration of human expertise and cutting-edge technology via augmented reality. Our solution empowers industrial maintenance and support, aligning perfectly with the demands of the contemporary digital workforce and the need for contactless interactions. The digital content is superimposed on the machinery, bringing a new level of detailing to life. Animated 3D renderings that mimic reality manifest in plain view enabling the operator to perform a wide range of maintenance activities through step-by-step visual guidelines. The dual view of reality and augmented content helps gain an inside perspective even as the safety of man and machine is ensured. Beyond maintenance, AR is an ideal tool for training with experts.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Complementing human judgment with automation-led efficiency. Tasks requiring repetitive efforts with minimal human supervision are ideal candidates for Robotic Process Automation. Manufacturers are leveraging RPA to automate back-office processes and operations, enabling better speed-to-market and increased focus on innovation. Further, RPA facilitates lean structure, regulatory compliance, after-sales support, and organizational agility, contributing to a resilient supply chain and enhanced productivity. IoT enables a constant data stream of metrics that help manufacturers make real-time decisions more smartly.


TriCon CDMS, a Product Configuration software

TriCon CDMS is a product configuration software system to support the assembly of built-to-order large commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks. Rules are used to validate customer orders and select parts for building a product based on the configuration of the valid orders. TriCon is used to specify and manage complex configuration processes, rules, and parts information, and to configure potentially one-of-a-kind customer orders.