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Transforming the Shop Floor: Precision, Progress, and Efficiency in a Tech-Driven World
Industry 5.0 demands a complete transformation where manufacturers evolve from using technology for productivity to become tech-driven pioneers who thrive amidst digital disruptors. In this landscape, defined by the convergence of human insight and machine precision – there is no place for isolated factories. Seamlessly integrate Industrial IoT with cutting-edge AI/ML for efficient production, optimize supply chain and distribution, improve productivity with RPA and AR and leverage Cloud for global reach.

From standard assembly lines to hyper-customized products, we understand the uniqueness of your needs. Our custom manufacturing solutions empower you to maximize production while ensuring flexibility. Leveraging technical expertise and industry-specific insights, we craft a progressive transformation. Each step is an incremental leap, ensuring substantial business impact.

Our Solutions

Distribution Logistics
Distribution Logistics
Streamline and optimize goods’ movement for maximum efficiency and reduced costs.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Optimize inventory with smart tracking for agile supply chains.
Inbound Supply Chain Management
Inbound Supply Chain Management
Ensure timely availability of raw materials through proactive planning and supplier collaboration.
Warehouse Operations
Warehouse Operations
Streamline with precise forecasting and AR-driven warehouse automation.
Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
Enhance manufacturing efficiency using sensors and Industrial IoT.
Process Automation
Process Automation
Optimize procure-to-pay and invoice-to-collection, cutting errors and boosting efficiency.

Redefine your digital manufacturing journey today.

Service Offerings

Augmented Reality (AR)

Trigent blends human expertise with advanced AR, transforming industrial maintenance. Tailored for the digital workforce, our solution delivers contactless interactions and detailed insights. Digital content superimposed on machinery offers animated 3D guidance for comprehensive maintenance. Experience a dual view of reality and augmented content for safety and inside perspective. AR extends beyond maintenance, serving as an ideal training tool with experts.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is transforming repetitive tasks, minimizing human intervention for optimal results. Manufacturers leverage RPA to automate back-office processes, accelerating speed-to-market and unlocking innovation potential. RPA in the manufacturing industry streamlines operations, ensuring compliance, robust after-sales support, and organizational agility, bolstering supply chain resiliency and overall productivity.

Industrial IoT Integration (IIoT)

Transform your manufacturing landscape with Industrial IoT (IIoT). Elevate efficiency through real-time insights, seamlessly integrating data streams from connected devices. Experience predictive maintenance, optimized asset tracking, and a resilient foundation for future-ready manufacturing operations.

Enterprise Application Integrations

Streamline your manufacturing operations with our robust Enterprise Application Integration services. Seamlessly connect multiple OEM products that constitute your platform, ensure interoperability, enable secure data exchange between systems and optimize performance. Additionally, we empower your manufacturing ecosystem by integrating your platform with the third-party systems that are a part of your ecosystem. Whether accessing crucial data or expanding digital distribution channels, our integration solutions enhance connectivity, efficiency, and overall business agility.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services

For seamless connection into the existing ecosystem, EDI integration is vital. However, implementation, customization, and management of EDI interfaces pose challenges due to cost, complexity, and limited expertise. Trigent offers 24/7 cloud-based EDI services covering consulting, integration, hub development, and maintenance. Our expertise spans various EDI message types, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficiency across transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, and retail industries.

Key Clients​

Case Studies


I would put Trigent in the top one or two percent of all software companies I’ve worked with for support, overall responsiveness, and quality of work! Trigent developed our complex inventory platform to help accurately track over 15 million issued catalogs per week. The application allowed us to view actual costs and profits across each job by collecting data on each area of the process — from layout to paper costs. It also automated data input, reducing manual tasks from a day and a half to 45 minutes. We are extremely satisfied and have to add that Trigent always delivered on time and within budget.
– Michael Martell, Systems Manager, Dingley Press

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Why Trigent?

Cutting-Edge Integration transforming industrial maintenance.

Contactless Precision for optimized industrial processes.

Animated Guidance for comprehensive and efficient maintenance.

Expert Training beyond maintenance fostering skill development.