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Navistar, in association with Trigent, named Finalist in the Best Agile Project Category at the North American Software Testing Awards 2023

| Southborough, MA

Recognizing Excellence in Agile Quality Engineering

The nomination as a finalist at the North American Software Testing Awards 2023 celebrates the innovative partnership between Navistar and Trigent, marking a milestone in agile quality engineering. Trigent’s collaboration with Navistar represents a commitment to pushing boundaries in software development and introducing methodologies and tools that have transformed quality assurance within the transportation sector.
Trigent facilitated Navistar’s intricate digital ecosystem by deploying tailored agile software development and testing methodologies to meet their stringent quality standards. The agile testing strategies employed by Trigent were marked by meticulous test planning encompassing unit, functional, integration, and performance tests, progressively automating 85-87% of test cases using a customized Test Automation Framework. Supported by a customer-centric approach and multi-disciplinary collaboration, Navistar realized exceptional results with over 8000 test cases executed and automated, boasting a mere .012% DER across 85 releases.

The Trigent QEM Edge

Trigent’s Quality Experience Metrics (QEM) Dashboard objectively quantifies software release quality during the development phase. The Dashboard provides CxOs with three crucial quality measures: Release Readiness, Engineering Score, and Release Velocity. The 85 software releases across 11 applications since January 2023, translating into a release every 10 days, are a testament to the maturity and effectiveness of Trigent’s agile processes guided by QEM’s quantified quality measures.

About Navistar: Empowering Customization and Innovation

Navistar is a leader in the design and distribution of Class 4 – 8 commercial trucks and school/commercial buses. Their “Make It Yours: Build Your Own” configurator offers customers over 100,000+ customizable options, allowing precise personalization. Their digital core, powered by over 30+ complex, interdependent applications, enables intricate configuration, ordering, and production processes. The platform rigorously validates each configuration against 350,000+ technical, regulatory, and functional rules, ensuring precision and compliance with standards. A culture of quality provides error-free operations throughout the ordering and production process, avoiding disruptions in the production line.

About 31 Media: The NAST Awards Organizers

31 Media organizes the North American Software Testing Awards, celebrating excellence in the software testing domain. Recognizing innovation and excellence, the NAST Awards honor outstanding achievements and contributions in software testing across various categories, highlighting companies and collaborations pushing the boundaries of quality engineering.

About Trigent: Pioneering Agile Solutions

Trigent stands as an industry leader in providing innovative technological solutions to an array of businesses and enterprises. With a rich legacy spanning over two decades, Trigent has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to empowering its clients with cutting-edge software services, digital transformations, and IT consulting. Emphasizing a customer-centric approach, Trigent’s comprehensive suite of solutions covers diverse sectors, including cloud services, software development, quality assurance, data analytics, and digital transformation strategies.

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Sharmila Maitra

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