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Solutions for frictionless customer experience
Retailers who adopted technologies like Omnichannel experiences, digital payments, virtual shopping with AR/VR, AI-ML for personalized service delivery, IoT, and Voice Services have successfully attracted shoppers across demographics.
Customer expectations continue to evolve, and retailers must be agile in recognizing the trends and responding to the opportunity. Technology is the key to enabling this agility.
Customer experience is pivotal for retail:
Branson’s global sales force was looking for a way to share knowledge on existing uses of our products/technologies in customer applications to win new business. Branson engaged Trigent to conduct a global discovery exercise to design a solution that would meet Branson’s stated objectives. Trigent consultants designed a portal solution built on the SharePoint platform that our sales and solutions consultants could use to collaborate and leverage for making better solutions and proposals to clients and prospects.

– Chris Burnell, VP, Global Information Systems, Branson

Delight your customers with magical experiences

Service Offerings

AI-Powered Conversational Chatbots

AI in Retail Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32.17% between 2023-2028.

Users demand round-the-clock connectivity, an immediate resolution to concerns, updated information on the latest available product lines, and more. AI-powered chatbots make all of this possible. Keep your customers informed, engaged, and interested while you stay tuned to their needs, demands, and suggestions in real-time. Elevate the standards of customer experience across channels using customized AI-powered chatbots.

Rich/Immersive Experiences Driven by AR/VR

The AR/VR market worldwide is expected to grow to US $52.05 Billion by 2027.

Augmented and virtual reality technology have opened doors to a whole new world of immersive experiences for users digitally engaging with retail. AR/VR delivers life-like digital experiences on the device of choice, enabling users to experience fashion, accessories, and a host of other retail offerings from the location of their choice. Power life-like shopping experiences for your users using cutting-edge AR/VR capabilities.

Hybrid Applications

Given that experience serves as a pivotal distinguishing factor for retailers, it becomes essential for retail enterprises to provide a captivating experience to their diverse customer base. As the user demographic continues to evolve and expand, so do their expectations regarding the retail experience. Hybrid apps empower retail businesses to deliver comparable high-quality experiences across various platforms swiftly. Moreover, they enable retailers to accelerate their release cycles by addressing user feedback, suggestions, and enhancements promptly.

Voice-Enabled Experiences

The voice assistant market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 31.2% by 2030.

Solutions like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana have made users comfortable with voice interactivity. It provides a natural means for shoppers to search, discover and navigate the product catalog, especially for new users unfamiliar with mobile experiences. This requires retailers to integrate support for voice interactions and ensure product descriptions are adapted for audio and users can complete their purchase using voice commands or shortcuts.

Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

In the highly transactional and customer-oriented retail industry, the back office is the engine room that ensures that the front of the shop operates efficiently and effectively. Retailers continue investing in cloud technologies, evolving to use cloud-native applications and adopting a hybrid strategy incorporating cloud and conventional processing models.

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