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Getting started with software security and getting better

- by Santosh Tuppad
The Women Who Test chapter in Bangalore has made a confident start. We are carrying forward our resolve to share knowledge and motivate testers by organizing the next webinar discussing Software Security Testing.
We are humbled to have Santosh Tuppad, MD & CEO, W2C Labs Pvt. Ltd. and an expert in software security sharing his views on, ‘Getting started with software security and getting better’.
Women Who Test (WWT) , a global community designed exclusively for women in software testing to collaborate with others. You get to connect with people from all around the world, share testing ideas and solutions, and help each other thrive and advance your careers. The community is at its nascent stage with chapters across the globe in Utah, Orlando, Chicago, Sydney, Toronto, and Sao Paulo. Trigent initiated the WWT- Bangalore chapter, with Shruthi LS from Testing Services as the chapter leader.