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Virtualize and integrate NOC & SOC leveraging AIOps

- by Arun Anandan, Raghunath Thiyagarajan & Dinesh
The COVID19-induced remote working has compelled businesses to use NOC & SOC at an unprecedented scale. The new normal requires your infra team to continuously monitor and support your remote and distributed workforce.
Why you need a Next-Gen Virtual Command Center – virtualize and integrate NOC & SOC An integrated NOC/SOC provides you with a holistic view of your distributed workforce, spot vulnerabilities, and take proactive action. By taking it to the next level, a virtual implementation allows your IT team to monitor, respond to and resolve issues, from anywhere, ensuring the highest level of service availability.
By virtualizing and integrating NOC/SOC, you can ensure proactive and intelligent 24×7 management of your IT infrastructure. You can go beyond fire-fighting and silo war rooms to gain control over your virtualized workforce. And navigate fluctuations in IT infrastructure and overcome unpredictability and uncertainty to drive a coordinated response.
Virtualize and integrate NOC & SOC leveraging AIOps