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Enterprise Applications and Integrations

Transform to a Technology-Driven Enterprise
Orchestrate your Digital Platform for business, integrate Enterprise Applications, enable secure data exchange between systems, and customize your Microsoft Power Apps, 365 deployment, Salesforce workflows, ServiceNow CRM Operations, and Process Automation with RPA.

Trigent’s Enterprise Integration Services are the pivot you’re looking for to transform your organization into a technology-driven enterprise and unlock competitive advantage through innovative experiences, secure access to data across applications, and intuitive user experiences for customers and employees.

With over 29 years in IT, 100+ certified experts, and a proven track record, we guarantee 2x faster onboarding and 80% increased customer experience.
I wholeheartedly endorse working with Trigent Software. The solution they built sets us apart from most of our competitors in efficiency and speed. It is fast, easily scalable, and can easily onboard new customers quickly. Throughout the project, the team was knowledgeable, organized, and reliable, using their expertise to deliver a successful solution.
– Surge Transportation

Partner with us to effortlessly surmount complex IT challenges

Service Offerings

MS Azure Solutions and Services

Trigent’s Microsoft services allow enterprises like yours to significantly enhance the scalability and scope of your business operations and outcomes.
Our custom-built services not only involve leveraging Microsoft’s Azure environment to connect applications and systems, but also involve using Microsoft’s PowerSuite and Dynamics 365 for superior operational excellence and breakthrough customer experiences.
Our services involve:


Our Salesforce integration services are designed to help you connect multiple systems and apps to optimize operations and enhance scalability. From workflow automation to data migration and custom application development, our Salesforce services can help your business transform customer experiences and evolve into a technology-driven enterprise.
Our offerings cover:


Enhance the competitiveness and agility of your operations with intelligent workflows powered by automation, data, advanced analytics, and a comprehensive cloud environment. Trigent’s ServiceNow consultants can help you with tons of outcome-defining elements including automating IT processes, optimizing and streamlining operations on the cloud, connecting multiple IT systems, and enhancing user experiences.
Our ServiceNow Offerings include:

RPA Solutions

Amid resource challenges, AI-driven automation is pivotal for a competitive edge. Leverage low-code automation through our RPA solution for productivity gains, swift ROI, and tailored strategies that integrate industry-leading RPA tools. Scale with ease and match evolving demands in your business and industry.

RPA Offerings:

AWS Implementation & Integration

Leverage the power of AWS to build highly capable and future-ready products that can transform the scope of your operations. With our expert consulting services, know exactly which technologies and tools to use in order to optimally balance security, performance, and costs. Seamlessly integrate other platforms and systems, and ensure smooth data exchanges between systems within the AWS cloud through powerful workflows and tools for enhanced business outcomes.

Our AWS services involve:


Take control of your SAP landscape with unparalleled expertise in customizing and managing your independent SAP applications. Our services include detailed SAP customizations to fit your specific business processes, technical upgrades to leverage the latest SAP innovations, data management, integrations with other platforms, and holistic management of your SAP infrastructure. By entrusting us with your SAP environment, you benefit from optimized performance, seamless operations, and a strategic approach to digital transformation.

Why Trigent?

Trigent’s Enterprise Integration Services are a force to reckon with if your mission is to become a technology-driven enterprise and transform user experiences forever. Trigent enables you to:

Bring all your systems and native applications together

Automate workflows and reports, and leverage advanced analytics for better decision-making

Customize your cloud environment for improved operational efficiency and scalability

Case Studies


Thanks to Trigent Software’s efforts, the daily order maximum throughput has increased by 150%. The firm’s order time processing has also been reduced by 30%–40%. The team’s listening skills allow them to produce what the client needs. Customers can expect flexibility and responsiveness from them.
– CanPrev

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