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Generative AI makes waves at ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 “5 Major Takeaways for Every Enterprise”

The ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 Conference was a huge success, brimming with the confluence of fresh insights on digital transformation that is redefining organizational success across the globe. The conference served as a platform for 10,000+ businesses to explore the evolving potential of digital automation. The event was instrumental in fostering innovation in digital expertise and cultivating a workforce equipped to meet future challenges while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

The ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 was held in Las Vegas at the Venetian Expo and Convention Center from May 14-18, 2023. The 5-day event witnessed the industry experts come together & share their experiences with ServiceNow’s automation capabilities, distill operational challenges, address unique business needs, and build cutting-edge solutions with continuous support.

Though it’s been over a month, the industry is still excited over the key trends discussed. Industries are looking to harness the power of Generative AI to take their speed, operational efficiency, and customer experience to the next level. Furthermore, to reduce staff burnout and have a laser focus on their business goals, industries are strategically leveraging workflow automation. Though legacy systems will always co-exist with cutting-edge technologies, there seems to be growing interest in responsible AI innovation to facilitate the end-to-end digital transformation that is both effective and efficient.

Key Takeaways from the ServiceNow Knowledge 2023

Most businesses aim to identify, invest and win with growth-oriented capabilities in the current digital landscape. ServiceNow enables companies to orchestrate their business operations and ensure quality service delivery with the end-to-end digital transformation of enterprises across business functions, including Finance & Supply chain, leveraging Generative AI and workflow automation. This allows them to efficiently use people, infrastructure, and capital resources to gain competitive advantage and market resilience.

Future Proof your Business with Automation Capabilities

With economic turbulence looming over the horizon, business leaders need to accelerate growth by building resilience, supporting long-term vision, and managing the overall performance & health of the organization. Moreover, all the efforts should be aligned with business goals.

CEOs rely on their CIO/CTO/COO’s to harness the full power and potential of digital platforms and propel their businesses forward. By streamlining fragmented systems and processes, these experts offer a forward-thinking agenda that considers the bigger picture and dynamics of the industry.

ServiceNow connects people, processes & functions, enabling businesses to modernize their operations with Intelligent workflows & accelerate their growth potential.

Drive Operational Excellence with Workflow Automation

ServiceNow platform is geared towards enhancing the capabilities of organizations with intelligent workflows to drive operational efficiency and support scale. It streamlines operations across business units to improve performance, productivity, and resource utilization while reducing costs.

CX at the Forefront

Networking with business leaders and tech experts, the desire to align the organization to be customer-centric and deliver quality experiences came through strongly. Digitization of processes with smart workflows is crucial in enabling these capabilities. From businesses across industries to Non-profit organizations, risk management, help desk, cybersecurity, contract management, low-code/no-code, AI, and VR technologies are paving the way to growth ; sustainability.

New Generative AI Capabilities on Now Platform for Intelligent Workflows

ServiceNow’s extensive AI capabilities have been extended by including ‘Generative AI Controller’ & ‘Now Assist for Search’ to extend support to Enterprise Applications to drive efficiency, productivity & faster time to value. Moreover, ServiceNow’s integration with Open AI is paving the way for customers to leverage the power of generative AI in a more secure manner where they can take advantage of streamlined workflows, making processes faster & creating great customer experiences.

The ServiceNow Generative AI Controller enables businesses to connect ServiceNow instances with language models, including Azure Open AI service and Open AI platform API. It empowers businesses to leverage the potential of Generative AI to create content, images, and text, answer questions, and summarize content into ServiceNow’s virtual agent. The key benefit is that users can do all this from a single point of interaction.

ServiceNow’s Now Assist for Search is based on a robust security layer & provides natural language responses to customers’/users’ queries on the virtual agents and search portal, fetching data from customers’users’ environments & providing more accurate details.

Introduction of Intelligent Automation in Finance & Supply Chains

ServiceNow has launched Intelligent Automation with pre-built workflows to optimize Finance & Supply chain operations. With constantly shifting market dynamics, automation needs to be added to the core functions of finance & supply chain, be it planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivering, or accounts payable- all processes are streamlined.

With AI-powered workflows, the finance & supply chain operations are streamlined to build resilience into the processes & maintain compliance more efficiently. Therefore, business organizations can smartly counter data siloes & disintegrated systems by leveraging more connected & agile finance & supply chain processes, including streamlining data from ERP to make processes faster, efficient & error-proof. Thereby reducing operational costs & improving process efficiency with enhanced customer experience.

Empowering Non-Profit Organizations with Digital Transformation

ServiceNow announced its new, which is driven towards optimizing & digitizing the operations of Non-profits. ServiceNow is bringing the power of the Now Platform to streamline business processes of non-profit organizations to help them deliver more significant impact, optimize resource utilization & build sustainable efficiencies to support their mission. It empowers non-profit organizations to modernize their operations and build a resilient future with optimized cost & operational efficiencies.

Trigent, as a ServiceNow Partner, streamlines intricate IT processes, allowing businesses to digitize their operations and eliminate data silos. We have assisted an International Organization in modernizing its business operations and streamlining its processes with intelligent workflows, leveraging the capabilities of ServiceNow. Our seasoned experts provided support during the ticketing process and assisted in resolving critical issues in compliance with the Service Level Agreements.

We understand the unique needs of modern businesses to enable them to navigate the complex business environment with automation capabilities across business functions & processes. With ServiceNow capabilities, our skilled team enables organizations to modernize their business processes across industries with Intelligent workflows and smart processes on a single cloud platform to deliver optimized experiences to customers & employees.

A lot of hard work is hidden behind nice things! The ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 conference was a great time to meet industry experts, peers & new prospects. Being a part of the event for five days gave us fresh insights into the industry & helped us progress towards executive transformational growth of our customers.

Leverage the potential of intelligent workflows & smart processes with Trigent.