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What is the Impact of workflow automation on Businesses?

Automated digital workflows on a unified cloud platform can help businesses enhance process visibility, optimize scalability, enable effective data management, improve customer experience, and leverage AI and analytics for predictions.

Automated processes powered with digital workflows on a single cloud platform are becoming a key enabler for business success & optimized customer experiences. Businesses operating with legacy systems and siloed processes constantly lock horns with decentralized data across different systems & applications, hampering employee productivity, operational efficiency & customer experiences. Therefore, businesses need to restrategize their operating models with digital workflows on a unified cloud platform that streamlines process efficiency, empowers employees, boost operational expertise, and supports personalized customer experiences.

As ServiceNow Consultants, we have ensured consistent, scalable & secured process optimization via digital workflows that have enabled businesses to save 30K by leveraging continuous process optimization. In addition, our customers have saved 20K annually on process assessment consultancy & reduced four weeks time annually on process mapping & delivery.

Impact of Workflow Automation on Businesses

Impact of Workflow Automation on Businesses

Cost Savings: When processes are automated with pre-defined digital workflows, employee productivity improves as they focus on strategic & business-critical tasks. It helps to augment process efficiency, improve employee engagement, and minimize inconsistencies and anomalies. Using digital workflows, organizations can identify & remove costly variants in the core business processes enabling cost efficiencies.

Enhanced Process Visibility: Automated workflows ensure accurate process mapping, removing hidden inefficiencies to optimize the entire process. Each workflow is designed with a rule set that validates the sequence of tasks & the expected outcome, bringing more transparency into the whole process. Moreover, workflows can be optimized by realigning with service delivery agreements & customer expectations, thereby facilitating more efficient processes catering to specific business goals.

Optimize Scalability: Taking advantage of growth opportunities is challenging when using a manual workforce accompanied by various disintegrated, legacy systems & data siloes. However, by optimizing processes through the use of digital workflows on the single cloud platform, scalability requirements can be realized without compromising the effectiveness of operations. As a result, companies become more agile in responding to dynamic market needs and their customers’ preferences.

Effective Data Management: Data proliferation impacts every organization, but many fail to leverage its full potential, leaving value on the table & increase inefficiencies. Gathering clean & accurate data is essential for the survival of businesses, and manual data collection in decentralized legacy systems presents a significant challenge for any organization. Accurate data analysis is crucial for achieving operational excellence by optimizing data-backed strategic decisions to stay competitive & agile.

Improved Customer Experience: With process optimization, businesses can give customers fast, accurate, and on-time service that enhances the customer experience. When customers are cared for, they trust your business and do business with you leading to long-term relationships that build brand loyalty and advocacy.

Personalized Services: When customer data hygiene is maintained, it is simpler to utilize the analytical insights derived from that data to deliver personalized customer services, thus enabling businesses to provide value to customers. Automating customer service workflow empowers an organization to have accurate and timely customer data while minimizing inconsistencies and anomalies and support building tailored customer solutions.

Effective Communication: With digital workflows, every department is aware of processes, and all teams have access to the necessary data to do their jobs in synchronization with business goals & customer needs, enhancing the business\’s overall operational capabilities. It increases employee engagement, team collaboration, and service delivery quality with simplified processes & value addition to customers.

Improved Quality of Services: When processes are automated, the consistency & accuracy of the processes are maintained, assuring the quality of services. It is feasible for companies to quickly release new products into the market using digital workflows on a single cloud, improving customer service quality & leveraging competitive advantage.

Leverage AI & Analytics to Make Predictions: Businesses can gain insights from data using AI & analytics that help to understand the trends & make predictions faster & accurately to optimize processes & stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, understanding customer behavior patterns enables organizations to create more personalized customer experiences and optimize customer journeys.

Low-code Digital Workflows: Empower every employee of your organization to build, extend & scale automated workflows in a low-code environment on a single cloud platform. All the workflows can be modified to meet changing market trends, operational shifts & customer experiences. These workflows simplify business processes & create opportunities for growth & innovation.

Trigent’s ServiceNow Capabilities Powered with Now Platform

We have empowered our customers to transform their business processes & deliver tailored customer services leveraging the ServiceNow-Now Platform. Businesses are enabled to break data siloes and optimize processes to drive growth & operational efficiency while accelerating innovation. Our expert ServiceNow Consultants enable your organization to reinvent your processes, empower your employee & deliver value to your customers with digital workflows.

Optimize low-code environment to create workflows optimizing customer & employee experiences, boosting revenue & reducing costs.


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What is the Impact of workflow automation on Businesses?