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Case Study
A Leading Benefit Administration & Insurance Agency Reduces Regression Time by 85%

About the Client

Our client is a leading benefits administration and general insurance agency that offers a diverse portfolio of consumer-driven health plans, compliance services, group benefits to employers of all sizes. The company manages benefits programs such as HSA, HRA, TRA, FSA, POP, DCAP, NDT, and individual premium plans. It integrates with many external entities including insurance carriers, brokers, agents, employer/employee portals, and third-party claims processors.

Business Challenge

The system underwent numerous customizations at a fast pace. To guarantee a great customer experience, the system had to be tested often and comprehensively. Not only the feature updates had to be tested regularly, but thorough regression testing was also required. 400+ different test combinations had to be manually executed, which was time-consuming. As the business grew, and more carriers added, the team had to ensure that the new changes and customizations did not break existing functionality.

Trigent Solution

Trigent’s team strategized the test automation approach, identified the right set of tools, and leveraged their homegrown test framework, AutoMATE. This opensource framework triggers executions in the CI/CD pipeline, parallelly, across multiple environments.

To ensure functional accuracy, the team automated all the required workflows and installed validation checkpoints. With the pairwise technique, the test case combinations were optimized to focus on high-risk areas.Automated regression tests were run after each build, parallelly across multiple browsers, to ensure that the new code broke no existing feature. Additionally, tests were scheduled to run every night using Jenkins to detect regression issues. The automated regression suite reduced test cycle time from a few days to a few hours.


Technology Stack:

A Leading Benefit Administration & Insurance Agency Reduces Regression Testing Time by 85%